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5 Best AI Girlfriend Websites to Experience Lifelike Love & Uncensored Fun

Explore the best AI girlfriend websites offering lifelike interactions and uncensored fun. Find your perfect AI companion today!

In the modern world, people have changed how they look for companionship, and AI girlfriend websites are the most popular way for many of them. Such platforms work with avatars, allowing users to enjoy a free-spirited environment and open emotional communication.

If you are interested in the best AI girlfriend website, this article will enlighten you on the five best options. There are virtually no limitations to generating AI girlfriends using these websites. Be sure to scroll down to find out about the ideal platform that fits your tastes.

AI Girlfriend Websites

3 Types of AI Girlfriend Websites

AI girlfriend websites can be of different types, and since they are all about various aspects of relationships, it is crucial to be clear about what exactly you are looking for in terms of the site you will be using. Here are the three main types:

1. Roleplay AI Girlfriend Websites

If AI girlfriends who respond to different situations and fantasies tickle your fancy, then these platforms, which provide a social virtual reality and role-playing environment where customers can engage with AI girlfriends, might be ideal.

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2. Pre-built AI Girlfriend Websites

These are sites where the user is given an AI girlfriend with specific traits and attributes inherent to her, and the user can begin to talk to her immediately without any account settings.

3. Customizable AI Girlfriend Websites

These platforms enable individuals to build and design their own AI girlfriends depending on their choice regarding their appearance, character and even the way they wish to interact with their girlfriends.

5 Best AI Girlfriend Websites to Flirt with Realistic AI Girls

Quick View



Customization Options






AI Girl Avatar

Chat Background

100% FREE





$12/mo and more




Voice Call

$9.97 for 100 credits






$9.99/mo and more

Candy AI



AI Girl Appearance

$9.99/mo and more

1. Experience Realistic Dates with Vidqu Free AI Girlfriend Website

Realistic AI Girlfriend

Vidqu ranks first among all AI girlfriend websites because of it's totally free to use, providing users with a highly engaging and seemingly lifelike simulated girlfriend experience. One unique point is the background picture customization option, which allows the user to change the AI girlfriend’s chat background by uploading real-life pictures, making the interaction more immersive.

It has various customized role-play situations, text-based chat, and several AI girlfriend web characters with predisposed temperaments, ranging from dominant to submissive.

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Vidqu AI girlfriend free website does not push user to create an account, which enables the user to start chat immediatly without limitations. However, logging in is encouraged to ensure that chat history is maintained for a long time, as some data may be lost if users' device system or the browser is updated.

How to Get Immersive and Realistic Dates on Vidqu:

Step 1. Access Vidqu AI Girlfriend.

Step 2. Select Your Dream Girl

Hover over to know more about her and start sexting! You can chat any topic with AI girls.

Step 3. Tab the “Change Character Photo” Button on the Bottom Left

Click to Customization

Step 4. Customise the Options

You can change the girl’s name and her photo.

To create more immersive experience, Vidqu AI girlfriend allows you to change the chat background picture too. You can upload a photo of your home or anywhere, then you can bring the AI girl to your life!

Customise AI Girl and Pic

Step 5. Upload Your Photo and Save the Changes

Now, you’ve invited her to your real life! Keep talking and dive in the date!

Realistic and Immersive Conversation

2. Find & Follow AI Girlfriends in Your Real Life with Kupid AI Girlfriend Web Online

Kupid AI Girlfriend Chatbot

Kupid AI girlfriend web online is distinct from the typical virtual girlfriend applications as it provides video chats and real social media profiles. This feature of the AI girlfriend lets users begin chatting from the videos shared with them, making the interaction more fluid and engaging, thanks to the AI girlfriend generator. Kupid also enables users to ask for and receive photos. Besides, the real AI girlfriends on Instagram accounts can be followed for a more realistic experience.

Kupid AI operates on subscriptions, which you are expected to pay for based on your chosen package. The basic package is the bronze package, which costs $12 monthly; the second package is the silver package, which costs $29 per month; and the final package is the gold package, which costs $49 per month.

How to Interact with AI Girlfriend on Kupid:

Step 1. Select an AI Girlfriend.

Click the profile and enter the chat room.

Step 2. Enjoy the Video.

When you enter the chatroom, the AI girl will send you a video:

AI Girlfriend Video

Step 3. Start Chatting and Ask Her for Photo.

Chat with AI Girl

Step 4. Follow Her on  Instagram.

Some popular AI girl has an Instagram account, so you can find and follow her there for more lifelike experience.

Follow AI Girl on IGAI Girlfriend on IG

3. Enjoy Real Voice Calls on FantasyGF AI Girlfriend Website

FantacyGF AI Girlfriend

FantasyGF Website is exciting as it includes real voice call interactions. This feature makes the interaction more personal and realistic since users can hear their AI girlfriend. The website also allows users to generate AI hot girl image related to a particular category, which increases the platform's interactivity. 

Clients can choose three packages: The beginner package is $9.97, the standard package is $34.97, and the VIP package is $49.97.

How to Talk with AI Girlfriend by Voice Call of FantasyGF:

Step 1. Visit an AI Girl’s profile:

AI Girlfriend Calls

Step 2. Click “Call Me” to initiate a voice call.

Call with AI Girl

4. Have Emotional Chats with Your AI Girlfriend on iGirl AI Girlfriend Web

Igirl Chat AI Girlfriend

IGirl AI Girlfriend web improves textual communication by adding emoji reactions of the artificial girlfriend alongside a couple of games. This feature is beneficial because it gives the characters a more personal touch in the conversation, thus making it more emotionally appealing.

There is also a message awards feature where users can gain XP and unlock different features that make the platform even more fun. The charges are $9. 99 monthly, $39. 99 yearly and $99. 99 for a lifetime.

How to Have Fun with an iGirl AI Girlfriend:

Step 1. Go to the site and create a virtual girlfriend.

Step 2. Begin conversation and gesture using emojis to show some feeling.

Step 3. Click “Activity” and select a game you want to participate in.

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5. Explore the Best AI Girlfriend Website and Chat Like Couple on Candy AI

Candy AI Girlfriend

Candy AI is among the few AI girlfriend websites that provide users with a set of sexy AI girls that ready to chat immediately and multiple settings to adjust the AI to one’s preferences. Candy offers ready-made AI girlfriends, so you don’t have to build your Artificial Girlfriend from the ground up.

However, it can also be more versatile and personalized because the AI girlfriend's ethnicity, looks, and even personality traits can be chosen at will. The website is free of charge for the initial five messages in a day, but there are paid packages at $9.99 monthly and $71. 88 for a year.

How to Chat with an Ideal Girl on Candy AI:

Step 1. Choose from the existing AI girl avatars or create a new one from scratch.

Step 2. Customize her features.

Create an Ideal AI Girlfriend

Step 3. Initiate a conversation and discover possible forms of communication.

FAQs on AI Girlfriend Websites

Q: Which is a Completely Free AI Girlfriend Website?

 Vidqu is a completely free AI girlfriend website. You can find and experience sexting there without limitations.

Q: Which AI Girlfriend Web Offers the Most Realistic Conversations?

That depends on your interpretation of ‘realistic’.

Vidqu enables the user to change the background picture to the home or any preferred location for a visually realistic conversation. FantasyGF's voice call feature also provides an added level of realism by allowing users to interact with a simulated girlfriend via voice calls.

Q: Are AI Girlfriend Websites Safe?

Privacy is important. Compared to mobile app, AI girlfriend website is more safe cause it not require much personal imformation or any access rights like microphone, camera, and etc. So choose AI girlfriend web is a better choice. 


There are different kinds of AI girlfriend websites that one can access over the internet. Some are dedicated to role-playing AI girlfriends, giving a new twist on dating and even fantasizing. From interactive role-play to vocal interaction, you will find a girlfriend that meets your preferences through an AI girlfriend website. Let's dive into the realistic and R-rated experience with MioCreate Now!

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