All You Need on One Online Whiteboard|

Boost any brainstorm or voice-meeting, design any prototype or flowchart, manage any program, the real-time collaborative whiteboard puts your team together no matter where you are or what device you use.

Online Whiteboard Is Wildly Used in Different Industries

Product Manager

Take the first step in product incubation with brainstorm and researching, control the real-time progress of a project


Free material library gives you a fulcrum for your imagination and design


Get the product requirements without a hitch and never miss a node


Keep abreast of the project progress anytime, anywhere to adjust the marketing strategy

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One Online Whiteboard Brings People, Tools, and Work All Together

Gather Everyone’s Idea into a Brainstorm Anytime, Anywhere

With MioCreate collaborative online whiteboard, the team brainstorming can be done anytime, anywhere, without gathering everyone together in the same place. It allows each team member to share unique thoughts and opens the door to innovations.

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Lay the Groundwork for a Mature Design From Bottom up

Good design is good business. You can easily turn ideas into designs with the help of a gallery of free materials. The opportunity for other team members to remark on the design on MioCreate whiteboard as soon as it comes out enables designers to make rapid adjustments to the design, to make it perfect.

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Visualize and Expedite the Workflow with Flowcharts & Diagrams

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Quickly constructing any flowchart using preset shapes, symbols, and other elements on MioCreate online whiteboard, you can easily outline the every implementable step of your plan. Share it to your entire team so that everyone is on the same page and working toward the same goal.

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Instant Online Meetings Prevent Misunderstandings in Communication

Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication. The real-time voice meeting room of MioCreate whiteboard enables you to start a dialogue anytime you get into a situation that calls for discussion, whether it's in brainstorming, designing, or any other scenarios, to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and problems.

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Awesome Features of MioCreate Online Whiteboard

Real Collaboration Brings Ideas Together Instantly

MioCreate online whiteboard updates important notes on multiple devices instantly, and makes your team working effectively on one project. Keep the analysis flowing using magic tools to share the ideas in real-time.

Start with Draw, Lines, Pencil, and Shape Tools

A combination of all the tools you need to create any kind of board, offering users the flexibility and functionality you need to effectively communicate and collaborate with others.

Get Started Easily with 200+ Templates

Our various templates will largely save your time and improve efficiency when brainstorming, creating a stereotype or designing a new project. MioCreate online whiteboard has everything you need for templates.

Real-time Voice Meeting, No Lag for Teamwork

Enjoy a frictionless meeting with the team, simply start sharing ideas with just one click. Multi-person voice meetings are simple thanks to an intuitive participant management system and a fast, light design.

In Simple Steps MioCreate Whiteboard Opens Up a Whole New World for You

  • Brainstorming
  • Flowchart & Diagram
  • Prototype & UI
  • Meetings & Workshops
  • Brainstorming

    Step 1: Place the whole team together on a whiteboard table.
    Step 2: Everyone adds ideas to the board.
    Step 3: Discuss and organize the ideas in the voice room.

  • Flowchart & Diagram

    Step 1: Start a template that is suitable for your project.
    Step 2: Use shape tools to create flowchart, diagrams and workflow.
    Step 3: Add text to the shape and organize each shape in a workflow.

  • Prototype & UI

    Step 1: Set up the prototype and finish settings.
    Step 2: Make use of frames, shapes, and lines to create your prototype.
    Step 3: Preview your prototype and share with the team.

  • Meetings & Workshops

    Step 1: Launch all MioCreate accounts.
    Step 2: Invite the teammates to a voice meeting, taking turns sharing ideas.
    Step 3: Organize the ideas on the whiteboard.