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From Idea to Reality: Choosing the Perfect App Prototyping Service

If you want to outsource your mobile app prototyping, here are the 10 best app prototyping services that deliver fast with good quality to skyrocket your project.

Before developing your app, you may have concerns about accurately conveying your awesome ideas to web and app development companies. This is where app prototyping services come into play. Having a "DONE" prototype before diving into coding is essential, as it saves you from wasting money on the wrong design.
Choosing the right app prototyping service can be confusing. However, this blog will review six highly credible app prototyping services. Our reviews are based on factors such as pricing, deliverables, and more, empowering you to make an informed decision that suits your budget and project requirements.

App Prototyping Services

Table of Contents
Key Points to Consider When Choosing App Prototyping Services
Streamlining Success: The Top 6 App Prototyping Services for Your Project
App Prototyping Services - FAQs

Key Points to Consider When Choosing App Prototyping Services

Before diving into the review part, let’s get to know what to prioritize while looking for such mobile app prototyping services.

Your Needs and Budget:

Before considering app development services, it is important to identify your prototyping needs, including the platform (iOS, Android, Web), prototype design, and any concerns you may have. Additionally, you have to clearly define your allocated budget.

Capacity and Specialization:

Ensure that the team you are outsourcing to has the necessary resources and expertise to meet your requirements. It is crucial to verify if they have experience developing apps within your domain.

Clear Timeline:

Discuss and establish a clear timeline at the beginning of the project to avoid any potential issues later on. Having a well-defined timeline is essential to prevent any project delays.

Quality of the Prototype:

Prioritize quality above all else. Evaluate the work quality of mobile app prototyping services by requesting examples of their past work. This will help you determine if they are a suitable fit for your project.

Feedback and Testing Methods:

Before approving a prototype and proceeding with app development, it is crucial to gather user feedback. Consider hiring expert reviewers or allowing real users to interact with your prototype to gain insights into its intuitiveness and overall user experience.

Support and Communication:

Lastly, pay attention to the support and communication provided by the app prototyping service. Ensure that they offer communication channels that you are comfortable with and can provide the necessary support throughout the development process.

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Streamlining Success: The Top 6 App Prototyping Services for Your Project

Topflight App Prototyping Services

Topflight prototype allows for rapid validation of product assumptions using real users, identifying and addressing product and usability issues early on. This approach ensures leaner and cost-effective MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development. 

Topflight apps raise $188m+, which is a clear sign of their success in the prototyping world. Among their most successful case studies is the Medable, which alone went up to around $91m+.

App Prototyping Services Topflight


healthcare, fintech, and e-commerce

UI UX Tools



  1.  3 In-depth interviews between you and the team for basic knowledge transfer.
  2. Identifying Key system components
  3. Mapping user journeys
  4. Discussing the Features
  5. Design
  6. Prototype
  7. User Testing 


  • System Diagram
  • Technology Stack
  • User Journeys
  • Backlog of Features
  • Product Roadmap
  • Wireframe Clickable Prototype
  • High-Fidelity Clickable Prototype
  • User Testing
  • 1 Iteration of each screen
  • Final Report 


Flat 125$ per hour and your project will be done in a timeline of 6 weeks. The total cost of your prototype will be ranging between 15,000-20,000$. 

Folio3 Mobile App Prototyping Services

Folio3 is a well-known agency for its high-end prototypes. They stress a lot that you need an MVP to judge the market and predict how your app is going to perform in the real market. Folio3 has an awesome portfolio of successful apps in the market. To see if they would be a good fit, you need to look at what they are offering actually. 

App Prototyping Services Folio3


Retail, Agriculture, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Automotive, Logistics, and Education


  1. Idea
  2. Scope
  3. Workflow
  4. Wireframe
  5. App Prototype


As mentioned earlier Folio3 gets every client a custom-tailored pricing model hence the deliverables also depend on your requirements. They will be primarily handling the app prototype, but other things will add up if you wish. 


Folio3 has very custom pricing for every project as they believe that every project has its scope and process. Thus it’s all very custom tailored and can be only decided after having a discovery call and it makes sense.  

Dev Technosys Fast App Prototyping Services

The third on the list is Dev Technosys and they are also among the top development agencies. Besides coding apps from scratch, they do offer app prototypes. According to them, their work will let you scale faster and let you get a more insightful view of your customers and their feedback. Let’s see what they’re doing comparatively.

App Prototyping Services Dev


There is a very large list of industries in which DevTechnosys provides services: Real Estate & Property, Education, On-Demand, Service Marketplace, Manufacturing Software, Fintech Software Development, etc.


Developing a prototype for your app starts with a discovery/strategy call where you exchange your thoughts and ideas with the team. They will be guiding you and suggest you based on their years of experience. Analysis and planning come next and then the team will start working on your prototype. Once it’s ready you’re good to go test it and do revisions according to your audience's insights.


Tarun Nagar, CEO and founder has a very custom pricing model depending on the scope and complexity of your project. Further, he has an hourly pricing model as per the region where the client is based( Unique pricing). Here is a picture including all this pricing information:App Prototyping Pricing

 But it’s always recommended to get in touch with them and get a quote from them directly.

AppSolutions Prototype service

Next on our list is App Solutions and they have been providing services for almost 9 years. If you’re thinking of developing a medical app, they are among the top-notch quality service providers.App Prototyping Services Appsolution


As mentioned earlier, App solutions are focused mainly on the Healthcare industry.


  1.  Creating a paper prototype
  2.  In-depth analysis of objectives
  3. Interactive clickable prototype
  4. Improving UX design to improve User experience
  5. A strategy for the app in real


Like most other development agencies, this one also has bespoke pricing depending on the project's complexities. The best part is you can calculate the price for your project with a built-in cost calculator on their website. You can calculate the cost for both mobile apps and web projects.


6B Digital app prototyping

Fifth on the list is the 6B Digital agency which promises a similar app model to your desired one. They offer different types of prototypes such as In-browser, MVP, Principle and Origami, and progressive tech prototypes.App Prototyping Services 6b


Several industries with which this agency is working include HealthTech Interoperability, Housing, Membership, Vehicle leasing, Healthcare, Local government, Central government, Funded Startups, and Professional services.

UI UX Tools

Sketch, Balsamiq, Invision, and XD 


Similar to other services, here too you have to get connected with the team on a call. They’ll get all the ideas moving in your head. They’ll show you some app prototyping examples. Once you’re satisfied with the prototype you can move forward to the development side of your project. 


As per the service, getting in touch with the agency is a must and pricing is something that will be discussed between you and them.

Applify prototyping services

Last but not least is Applify. Besides their high-quality work, Applify gives you support that nobody else would have given. A nice and clean blueprint of your app would help you save a lot of money. Founded in 2014 the top app development company by Clutch and Appfutura. It shows how dedicated and hard-working they are.

App Prototyping Services Applify


NFT Development, Blockchain Solutions


Although there is a built-in cost calculator, you can still get in touch with the team to get a quote. It depends mostly on your app scope.

App Prototyping Services - FAQs

Why should I use app prototyping services?

App prototyping services create visual representations of app ideas and check if concepts are good or not. Further, It gathers user feedback, saves time and money, and helps improve apps over time. They reduce risks and create greater chances for your apps to succeed.

How do I choose the best app prototyping service for my project?

To choose the best app prototyping service, you have to know your project requirements first. Once you’re clear about that choose a service provider based on factors such as communication, customer support, expertise, pricing, etc.

Is there a tool to easily make an app prototype by myself?

Yes, surely there are quite a few tools that make an app prototype very easily like Invision, Balsamiq, MioCreate, and Mockplus. These are so easy to customize and change app prototypes your way.


MioCreate is an excellent internet-based prototyping tool that lets you bring life to your static designs and make them clickable interactive prototypes without any prior knowledge of programming. Which means everyone can use it quite easily. Moreover, it carries prototype design templates, you can start your app prototype design with one simple click.



Mockplus is another web-based tool to create app prototypes without any coding. It’s all done through its built-in drag-and-drop options so it does not require any deep knowledge.


Invision has been another awesome tool that offers a whiteboard screen so that you can create attractive and nice prototypes on the go. It really does not matter whether you know a single prompt of coding or not.

How do I protect my app idea when using app prototyping services?

First of all, to protect your app idea NDA(Non Disclosure Agreement) is a MUST. Now having this in mind, I always prefer service providers who have a great track record of positive reviews and past projects. Moreover, be cautious not to overshare all your project data. Only share the required data when necessary.

What are the different types of app prototypes?

There are different types of app prototypes that you’ll be seeing ahead:

  • Paper prototype
  • Video prototype
  • Functional prototype
  • Interactive prototype
  • Low Fidelity wireframes
  • High Fidelity Mockups  


In conclusion, selecting the right app prototyping service is crucial for the success of your project. After knowing what to consider when choosing app prototyping services and reading the list of the top 6 app prototyping services, you can make an informed decision that suits your budget, and project requirements, and ensures the successful development of your app. Or you can try to make an app prototype by yourself with MioCreate.


Table of Contents