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Top 7 Deepfake Video Makers Free [Porn or General Deepfake]

Discover the best and easiest-to-use deepfake (porn) video maker here. Learn how to create deepfake porn free online in just 3 simple steps!

As we step into this era of digitalization, many new technologies are coming into the mainstream, and deepfake technology is one of them. So, let’s walk into this fascinating world of deepfake technology where reality meets imagination. This blog will walk you through cutting-edge deepfake video maker resources that will help you easily swap faces, change voices, and create amazing, realistic deepfake videos. It does not matter if you are new to digital manipulation or an experienced individual looking for the latest innovations; these platforms offer endless possibilities that will cater to users of all preferences. So, let’s get started and check out our handpicked selection of deepfake video makers, including some deepfake porn video makers.

Deepfake Video Maker

Table of Contents
What Is a Deepfake Video?
Can I Make a Deepfake Video on My Own?
Top 3 Deepfake Video Makers Free Online [No Download]
3 Deepfake Porn Maker Free to Create Your Own Deepfake Porn
How to Make Deepfake Videos [Simple & Free]
Top 4 Deepfake Video Makers Free [Apps and Software]
Are Deepfake Video Makers Legal to Use?

What Is a Deepfake Video?

Deepfake refers to synthetic media generated by artificial intelligence. This technology usually superimposes existing images or videos onto others to make them more exciting for entertainment purposes. A deepfake video uses AI algorithms to manipulate and replace faces in a video, which creates realistic but fake content. It is done with the help of AI, which analyses a number of datasets to implement them for convincingly replicating the appearance of the targeted individual. It is important to note that there can be ethical and security concerns because these videos can cause misinformation, so they should be made cautiously.

Can I Make a Deepfake Video on My Own?

Yes, you can make a deepfake video on your own by following a simple procedure with a tool. There are many easy-to-use deepfake video makers available online. All you have to do is pick the one that meets your requirements and follow the simple instructions given by the tool, and you are good to go. You can even create your own porn deepfake with a deepfake porn maker.

Free Face Swapper by MioCreate
Unleash your creativity with a free AI face swapper. Feel the magic of AI to change faces in photos, videos, and GIFs.
Free Swap Face Now

Top 3 Deepfake Video Makers Free Online [No Download]

It is very simple to create deepfake videos with these deepfake video makers free. You do not need to download or install; just hop on the app and start swapping faces. Here are the best deepfake video makers free online that you can consider.

MioCreate Face Swapper: Best Deepfake Video Maker Free Online

Miocreate Deepfake Video Maker

MioCreate AI Face Swap is a fantastic web-based tool for beginners and experts. The best part is it is a free deepfake video maker, and you are saved from the hassles of downloading. It can also be used as a deepfake porn maker free. You can easily swap faces in images or (porn) videos and achieve remarkably realistic results using this solution. You may use it on a computer, a mobile or any device and it delivers the same high-quality deepfake videos no matter where you are using it.

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Key Features:

★ User-friendly interface is accessible on any device with a browser.

★ It supports both image and video face swaps.

★ It gives a perfect blend of faces and bodies for realistic results.


It is free of cost.

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Deepfakes Web: a Cloud-based Deepfake Video Creator

Deepfake Video Creator - Deepfakes Web

Deepfakes Web is a cloud-based platform that allows you to make deepfake videos effortlessly. It has advanced AI technology that allows it to change face in video and digitally manipulate any scene. While the basic features are free, it has a premium option as well that unlocks additional functionalities for a minimal monthly subscription fee.

Key Features:

★ A cloud-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere.

★ Advanced AI technology for high-quality deepfake videos.

★ Basic features are available for free, with premium options for advanced users.








Vidnoz AI Face Swap: Download-Free Deepfake Video Making Platform

Vidnoz Deepfake Video Maker

Vidnoz AI Deepfake Video Maker is a convenient platform for creating deepfake videos without the hassle of downloads. It offers a range of features for swapping faces in images and videos to offer realistic results. It offers its basic features for free, while there are subscription plans for the advanced features.

Key Features:

★ No need for downloads; it works directly in your browser.

★ Capable of swapping faces in both images and videos.

★ It supports multiple face swapping in one photo.

★ Free basic version with subscription options for additional features.












3 Deepfake Porn Maker Free to Create Your Own Deepfake Porn

Apart from MioCreate free deepfake porn maker, there are a number of additional AI tools available in the market that are specifically made to create deepfake porn videos. Now let's check out three more deepfake porn video creators to start an incredible porn journey.

DeepfakePorn: Dedicated Deepfake Movie Maker Online

Deepfake Porn Maker

DeepfakePorn is designed for deepfake porn and face swap porn. By uploading their preferred faces, users can utilize the app to make their desired deepfake porn video with just one click. It offers viewers the best deepfake porn experience by seamlessly integrating the uploaded faces into the original video!

NewFacePorn: Deepfake Porn Generator with Porn Videos Library

Deepfake porn lovers adore NewFacePorn because it allows users to easily faceswap any porn movie with the best quality possible. What's more, its easily accessible library of porn films offers a vast selection of HD porn videos from which users can choose and swap faces to quickly and easily enjoy their own deepfake porn. 

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Porn Journey: A Versatile Porn Site That Allows Deepfake Porn Creation

Porn Journey is a multifunctional porn website with many capabilities, such as deepfake porn movie creation, porn image generation, and AI undressing! This tool can be used to create deepfake pornographic images and videos to satisfy consumers' diverse pornographic desires. Because of its advanced AI technology, which produces flawless and lifelike results, the audience is unable to get enough of it!

How to Make Deepfake (Porn) Videos [Simple & Free]

Follow these simple steps if you want to know how to make deepfake videos, porn videos included. MioCreate AI Face Swap is the deepfake video maker we used.

Step 1: Upload the Original Video

First of all, upload the original video if you want to add a deepfake face. If you want to make a porn deepfake, you can upload a porn video here. Supported file formats include MP4, MOV, and AVI. Make sure the video size does not exceed 100MB.

Upload A Video

Step 2: Upload a Photo with the Target Face.

Now upload the photo that has the target face, which you want to swap with the original face. Make sure the photo is in JPG, JPEG, or PNG.

Upload a Photo with Target Face

Step 3: Swap Face Now

Once the video and photo are uploaded, click on the "Swap Face Now" button to start the deepfake process. The software’s algorithms will come into action to swap the target face with the original face in the video.

Make The Deepfake Video Now

Step 4: Download and Share

Once the deepfake video is generated, you can preview it to make sure it is according to your expectations. Then, simply click on the Download button to save the deepfake video to your device and use it wherever you want.

Free Face Swapper by MioCreate
Unleash your creativity with a free AI face swapper. Feel the magic of AI to change faces in photos, videos, and GIFs.
Free Swap Face Now

Top 4 Deepfake Video Makers Free [Apps and Software]

Now, let's have a look at the best free apps and software to make deepfake videos on any device. Be it Android, iOS, MAC, or PC, these apps have got you covered.

DeepFaker: Realistic Video Deepfake Generator for iOS

Deepfake Video Maker - DeepFaker

DeepFaker App is a cutting-edge deepfake video generator with which you can create hyper-realistic face swap videos. It has an intuitive interface that allows you to upload your own videos, select a face from a photo, and generate face swap content in just a few clicks. The app's technology can merge faces with great accuracy. DeepFaker App also offers a personal gallery for storage, and you can reuse the videos. (Try deepfake bots to create deepfake video>>)

Salient Features:

★ Allows to upload unlmited videos.

★ Quick and easy process with just a video and a selfie.

★ No watermarks and ads from the beginning of the subscription.

★ Extended video duration to 60 seconds.

Reface: Enjoy Instant Deepfake Video Creation on Any Device

Deepfake Video Maker - Reface

Reface is among the top-rated finest deepfake applications that are available for free. Utilizing the GANs framework design, this deepfake (porn) maker has the ability to realistically map your face onto another image, complete with facial emotions that closely resemble you. You may use a plethora of celebrity, music, and movie video clips on the main screen for face-swapping. Additionally, you may explore GIFs and trending searches using the search tool.

Salient Features:

★ Offers realistic face mapping onto other images using GANs framework design.

★ Allows access to a wide range of music videos, movie scenes, and celebrity clips for face swaps.

★ User-friendly interface that allows you to easily navigate through categories to search for trending content and GIFs.

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Faceswap: Beginner-Friendly Deepfake Video Maker Free for PC

FaceSwap Deepfake Video Maker

One of the best free deepfake PC programs available is Faceswap, which is open-source and works with Windows, macOS, and Linux. With a single trained model, it provides a great face-swapping framework for pictures and videos. The deepfake software is maintained on GitHub and is developed and supported by an active team using Python, Keras, and TensorFlow. However, in order to fully understand the workflow, one needs a current GPU, which may be unsuitable for people who merely practice deepfake for fun.

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Salient Features:

★ Advanced face-swapping capabilities for deepfake images and videos with customizable settings.

★ Cross-platform compatibility with Windows, macOS, and Linux for extra convenience.

★ Open-source platform with active development and support.

FaceShow: A Deepfake App for High-Quality Deepfake Videos

FaceShow Deepfake Video Maker

FaceShow is a cutting-edge AI-driven photo and video editor that is used for deepfake video creation and integrating numerous AI special effects. It utilizes AI technology to offer great capabilities in editing face effects videos. You will find an extensive collection of over 1000 MV templates with captivating effects and transitions. This app is great for both the 90’s trend enthusiasts and modern content creators.

Salient Features:

★ Extensive library of 1000+ MV templates to give a diverse range of effects and transitions.

★ Advanced AI-powered face-swapping technology for realistic transformations.

★ Best for the nostalgic appeal of the 90s by delivering a unique editing experience.

Free Face Swapper by MioCreate
Unleash your creativity with a free AI face swapper. Feel the magic of AI to change faces in photos, videos, and GIFs.
Free Swap Face Now

Are Deepfake Video Makers Legal to Use?

While there are many security concerns regarding the use of deepfake video makers, it is legal if the use is for entertainment purposes only. However, misusing them can lead to serious problems since Deepfakes raise concerns about privacy and misinformation, which can harm individuals and society. These videos can spread false information. Therefore, it's important to use deepfake technology responsibly and ethically. You should always consider the potential consequences before creating or sharing deepfake content.

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As deepfake technology is blooming, it is simple to create deepfake videos with deepfake video maker tools available online. You can use the above-mentioned apps and web applications to easily swap faces and uncover your creativity. Among these options, MioCreate’s AI Face Swapper stands out for its amazing features and easy accessibility. Whether you are using it for general deepfake creation or as a deepfake porn maker free, this technology offers endless possibilities. However, you should use these tools responsibly while considering the ethical aspects. So, enjoy making deepfake videos safely and easily and get a fun experience.

Table of Contents