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[How-to] Use Online Whiteboard as the Stakeholder Mapping Tool

Check out this stakeholder mapping tool page to learn popular templates and tools to create free stakeholder mappings. Free, online, collaborative.

Large-scale businesses usually adopt auxiliary tools to help with the data, processes, and members involved. And a detailed stakeholder mapping is fantastic to help you find potential customers. Keep in good contact with experts and gain new reach with influential people. This page will show you how to use the most suitable stakeholder mapping template to execute your business plan. And one free stakeholder mapping tool -  an online whiteboard to help you create a map within several clicks.

Let’s dive in.

Cover Of Stakeholder Mapping Tool

Table of Contents
What Is Stakeholder Mapping?
How to Make Stakeholder Mapping on a Whiteboard?
The Real Processes of Simulation

What Is Stakeholder Mapping?

In this part, you will have a tighter grasp of stakeholder mapping by learning its conception/merits/types. Understand the roles, you can easily build a logical stakeholder mapping.


Stakeholder mapping is a type of methodology extensively used in business to identify who imposes the most impact on your product or project. By accurately pinpointing them and adding relationships between them, it will be super easy to know who’s responsible, and 

The Advantage of Stakeholder Mapping:

By making stakeholders mapping, 

#1. You can know who your core stakeholders are.

#2. You can know clearly what your stakeholders are responsible for.

#3. You can monitor all the phases of your project/business.

#4. You can see who you and your employees report to.

Common Types of Stakeholders:

Stakeholders’ roles and positions can be diverse. And here are some common types of stakeholders you should know to arrange them in your maps better.

Primary stakeholders: These types of stakeholders constitute the largest portion of your mapping. They are considered to represent your employees and customers.

Secondary stakeholders: These types of shareholders are basically shareholders.

Tertiary stakeholders: These types of stakeholders indicate those who have a deeper insight into your projects and can give you key advice on improvement. These people are usually experts in the industry.

Make Stakeholder Mapping with an Online Whiteboard?

A good stakeholder mapping tool is a time-saver for it not only provides you with templates but also lets you add clear annotations to your maps. In this part, you will see some stunning stakeholder mapping templates as well as a simple tutorial to make stakeholder mapping on an online whiteboard.

  • Stakeholder Mapping Templates

#1. Internal stakeholders vs external stakeholders.

This type of template is super useful when you have to figure out the roles your internal stakeholders played with your external stakeholders. In the picture below, we can clearly see the division of labor of your company. And the things you need to do outside the company.

Example Of Stakeholder Mapping Three

#2. The power-interest Matrix

Based on the power and interest degree, you can divide your potential customers into 4 parts. And use different strategies to follow them up. For example, in the picture below, you can clearly see that for those who have the most power & interest, we should put the most energy into them.

Example Of Stakeholder Mapping Four

#3. Degree of influence

This map just lists out the identity of your stakeholders based on their influence degree.

Example Of Stakeholder Mapping Two

#4. Influence and stake

Working similarly to the first stakeholder mapping, the ‘influence and stake’ mapping manages to calculate the priority of your stakeholders for subsequent different strategies accordingly.

Example Of Stakeholder Mapping One

  • Stakeholder Mapping Tool Tutorial - Online Whiteboard

An online whiteboard requires no download or installation. Due to the colorful templates, it is regarded as one of the best stakeholder mapping tools you can obtain. MioCreate is so far piggybacked by tons of stunning flowchart/mood board/brainstorming templates that allow users to create their charts and boards in one click.

What’s even more charming is that MioCreate is also super effective for remote teamwork. You can host online meetings on this whiteboard. Besides, you can invite your colleague to edit on your stakeholder mapping together to save the back-and-forth file transmission.

Step 1. Register this online whiteboard for free.

Step 2. Search ‘Stakeholder mapping tool’ from MioCreate’s template gallery and find the one that suits you the most.

Templates Search

Step 3. Apply the stakeholder mapping template to a new whiteboard and fill in the information you craft earlier.

Miocreate  whiteboard Makes  Charts And Diagrams

Step 4. Invite your team members, colleagues and other necessary parties to co-edit on the newly-created stakeholder board. 

The Simulation of Making Stakeholder Mapping with Your Team in Reality

How to make a flawless stakeholder mapping that meets all parties’ interests? Well, it demands the collaboration of yours. The teamwork of discussion, meetings, and sometimes debation is required or a strategic stakeholder map won’t come out. Here are some practical steps you can refer to when making a map in real life. Let’s dive in. 

Step 1. What’s the goal of your stakeholder mapping?

Not so sure if your colleague or leader wishes to develop a new product or extend the scale of your existing business? Make a stakeholder mapping to figure out potential customers, and decide the final business strategies. 

Step 2. Specify who your stakeholders are (and the scale they should be divided into)

Divide your stakeholders based on the standards - influence, internal & external stakeholders, the power and interest of your stakeholders, etc.

Step 3. Make a stakeholder map together. 

When every detail is settled and it is time to put the information on paper. A whiteboard is a perfect tool to accommodate all the content mentioned above. A collaborative whiteboard is super suitable for a group of people to edit together. 



If you are just about to make a stakeholder mapping, no hurries. This passage informs you of 4 types of basic stakeholder templates for your reference. And most importantly, you can apply these templates with several clicks if you choose MioCreate as your stakeholder mapping tool. 


Table of Contents