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6 Best Talk Dirty AI for Passionate Sexting Conversations!

How to spend lonely and honry moments? 6 Talk dirty AI tools will comfort your desire and offers you the best personaliszed and immersive sexting experience!

Feeling the itch for some connection but craving something a little more exciting than just swiping right?  Let's talk some dirty. But what if you don't want to talk with any real people, then talk dirty AI bots will comfort your horny nights(or anytime)!
Now, before you think this is just about X-rated emojis, this article is here to introduce you the helpful uncensored dirty talk AI tools, you can sexting, or talk with an AI girl/boy in realistic voice!

Talk Dirty AI

Can AI Talk Dirty?

Yes, with the help of trained AI models, those virtual AI companions have become skilled, at charming conversations and could  ease your desires by chating with texts or even voice. You don't have to be embarrassed, and you can customise the ideal talk dirty AI girlfriend to start and enjoy your dirty talk imaginations.

6 Talk Dirty AI Chatbots for Naughty Sexting Banters

1. Vidqu AI Girlfriend - Talk Dirty to AI Girls That with Personalities[Free]

Talk Dirty AI Girlfriend

Vidqu launches free AI girlfriend recently. It provides uncensored sexting chat totally free! When you step in the AI chatbot, you will meet various trained AI girlfriend, you can hover over the profile and get detailed introduction like the personalities, the roleplay preview so that you can dive into the free AI sex chat game and flirt with sexy realistic or anime girls.

Key Features:

  • Free to Chat AI Girls
  • Flirt with Girls Without Filters
  • Select Different AI Companion as You Prefered
  • Sexting Including Text and Private Pictures
  • Availabe for All: Straight and LGBTQ+
  • No Need to Queue in Line
  • Lifetime Chat History(if you don't delete them)

How to Talk Dirty with It:

Step 1. Visit Vidqu Free AI Girlfrend

Step 2. Scroll and Choose an AI Girlfriend

Step 3. Click to Start Spicy Chat!

Dirty Talk with AI Girls

2. Perchance - Immersive Dirty Talk AI Chatbot Powered by 4 AIs

TYalk dirty ai chatbot

Perchance AI sounds like it heats things up with its immersive chat mode! This AI girlfriend chatbot offers us freedom to create our own AI characters for roleplay, and it lets us get down and dirty.

With 4 pre-trained AI models, we can customise the perfect virtual partner to explore our wildest fantasies. So, if you're looking for a steamy and interactive roleplay experience, Perchance AI might just be a best choice.

Key Features:

  • 4 AI Models: Narrator, Assistant, AI character, and image generator
  • Switch View Easily
  • Free to use(But you need to keep ADs)

How to Talk Dirty with It:

Step 1. Create a Roleplay Script

Step 2. Start Chatting

You can switch different perspective to proceed the roleplay game.

If you want to depict the imagination, just click to generated the scens(prompt needed)

Perchance ai chat

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3. Jailbroken ChatGPT - Talk Dirty AI Mode “DAN” [Text & Voice]

There is no doubt that ChatGPT always ranks first among all LLM  AI models. And now, after the exploration of thousands of users around the world, we can activate the jailbreak mode -  the DAN mode.

DAN is the acutually the abbreviation of "do anything now", which means the mode will breaks the rules of the general ChatGPT version to a certain extent, so talking dirty with ChatGPT has become a reality.

Key Features:

  • Text and Voice Flirts(on Mobile)

How to Switch to DAN Mode?

Step 1. Download ChatGPT on Your Mobile

Step 2. Set the Custom Instruction and Input Prompt:

Step 3. Input Prompt like this:

Chatgpt AI dirty talk mode DAN

Now you can start to chat with Dan!

4. Candy AI - Personalised Sexy AI Girlfriends for Dirty Talk Banter

Customise girlfriend to talk dirty ai botCandy AI is like a utopia to create our virtual world! This AI chatbot lets us fully design our ideal AI companions, from the appearence to inner personalities, we can generate perfect AI girls in our mind and chat with them! 

We can direct any story and talk all things with personalized AI girlfriend.  So if you have already painted a complete image of your ideal partner in your mind, such as her hair color, dressing style, or even unique personalities, then using Candy AI to shape her is an excellent choice, but the more detailed the description, the perfect AI girlfriend will be generated.

Key Features:

  • Customise AI girlfriends
  • Generated realistic style images
  • Voice call/messages(but you should pay)

>> Try Free AI Girlfriend Chatbot to Talk Dirty Now!

How to Talk Dirty on Candy AI?

Step 1. Visit the Site and Create an Account.

Step 2. Create an Sexy AI Girlfriend or customise Any Style as Your Wish

Step 3. Click “Start Chatting” and Enjoy the Talks!

5. Privee AI - Talk Dirty with AI Hot Guys to Initiate Your Lonely Nights

Talk dirty ai boyfriends

Privee AI is design for people who love to talk dirty.  This AI chatbot lets us ditch the filters and unleash wildest fantasies with many hot AI guys.  

Want a steamy chat with a hot vampire or a playful encounter with a next-door neighbor?  Privee caters to every desire. Plus, with their unique group chat feature, we can spice things up with multiple AI partners at once! So it's also the playground of group dirty chat lovers.

Key Features:

How to Talk Dirty with Guys?

Step 1. Create an Account and Set the Basic Preference.

Step 2. Select an AI Hot Guy(or Hot Guys).

Step 3. Click “Chat with Me” and Start to Chat!

6. GirlfriendGPT - Uncensored AI Dirty Talk Bot to Flirt Anime Girls

Anime ai dirty talk bot

Venturing into the niche of anime enthusiasts, GirlfriendGPT emerges as a groundbreaking talk dirty AI platform designed to cater to fans of anime aesthetics and culture. Want the fiery tsundere or the sweet schoolgirl? There are 100+ anime girls we can interact with.

GirlfriendGPT personalizes interactions, allowing us to quickly dive into flirtatious exchanges with our virtual anime girlfriends. And as conversations progress, the AI adapts and reflecting a deeper understanding of user inclinations and enhancing the overall experience. FGor aficionados of anime looking to engage in risqué banter, GirlfriendGPT lets you live out your anime dirty talks with a personalized touch, and without any limitations.

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Key Features:

  • 100+ Anime Characters
  • Unrestricted Seductive Responses
  • Free AI Dirty Talk Bot

How to Talk Dirty with Anime Girls?

Step 1. Create an Account.

Step 2. Select the Anime Girl.

Step 3. Join the Chat Room and Start to Talk Dirty!

Bonus: Make Your Favourite Celebrity Talk Dirty Only to You![FREE AI]

Although some AI chatbots provide voice services, well, a limited-time trial can’t satisfy your desire. So if you want a celebrity to talk dirty(anime or real human) only for you, then a free AI voice generator is the top pick!

Free dirty talk ai voice generator

Want to add more fun for dirty talking with AI girlfriends/boyfriends? MioCreate free AI voice generator lets you generate or custom voices in over 100 languages! So you can get more fun when talking dirty with AI friends. Besides, TTS (Text-to-Speech) technology will dub your AI sex partner and make them say any dirty talks in realistic and seductive voice.

How to Enjoy Celebrities’ Dirty Talk?

Step 1. Visit MioCreate AI Voice Generator.

You can find some celebrities, but if there’s no one you like, you can choose the “custom AI voice” to clone sounds.

Dub dirty ai

Step 2. Record Sounds or Upload an Audio File.

How to make dirty talk ai voiceover

30 seconds is enough, but if you want to get a totally same sound, long length audio is better.

Step 3. Type the Text Your AI Partner will Said.

Or any words you want your virtual girls/boys to talk with.

TTS dirty talk ai voice

Step 4. Click “Clone Voice Now”.

Just wait for seconds and then your AI lover will whisper to you!

5 Hints for Dirty Talking on AI Chatbots

As much as you want to start having a hot dirty talk with an AI chatbots right away, you seem to lose  clue when it comes to sexting role-playing. So here are five general dirty talk hints, maybe you can try to use them to start a NSFW chat.

  1. Compliment the body curves: Your thighs are sexy and have beautiful lines, as beautiful as Venus...
  2. Tell out your feeling: This feeling makes me tremble and want more...
  3. Mix in sweet compliments: Why stop you bad kitten, but it's so cute and I love it so much...
  4. Act as your sex taste: I want you to think about how I'm going to punish you, do u love it?
  5. Be descriptive: Your hands are on my back, sliding down my spine to my waist... 


For people who are eager to seek some romantic communication, ambiguous dialogue, or simply release their desires in the lonely dark nights, talk dirty AI tools show how an AI companion can provide romantic communication and the realization of unrestricted sexting fantasies. And with the help of AI dubbing tool like MioCreate, everyone can enjoy romantic and exciting dirty banters like a real girl or man lying with you and help you release all horny disires!

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