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What Is a 3-Circle Venn Diagram & How Does It Work?

Get a complete understanding of the 3-circle Venn diagram with this comprehensive guide. Learn how it works and how to use them effectively.

A 3-Circle Venn Diagram is a tool that can help you visually represent the relationships and similarities between three different sets of data. The overlapping circles' property allows you to easily identify the commonalities and differences between the sets. After understanding what a three-circle Venn diagram is, we’ll also have a look at how a 3-circle Venn diagram work and how you can create one quickly. 

3 Circle Venn Diagram

Table of Contents
What Is a 3-Circle Venn Diagram? When to Use It?
How To Make A Triple Venn Diagram? Easy Steps To Follow
Best 3-Circle Venn Diagram Maker - MioCreate

What Is a 3-Circle Venn Diagram? When to Use It? 

A basic Venn diagram consists of two overlapping circles representing separate data sets, whereas a 3-circle Venn diagram is used to represent a broader range of data. It can represent relationships between species in a food web or interactions between customer types in a business. 

The overlapping region of the circles represents the shared elements between the sets, while the non-overlapping regions show the unique elements in each set.

Let’s have a look at in which sectors a triple Venn diagram can be useful. 

1. Education

One of the most common uses of a three-circle Venn diagram is in education. Teachers often use them to help students understand complex concepts. Let’s say, a science teacher can use a Venn diagram of 3 circles to show the similarities and differences between the three states of matter - solid, liquid, and gas.

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2. Business

Another common use of a three-circle Venn diagram is in business. It is beneficial in analyzing market segments and identifying potential customers. Businesses can identify patterns by comparing the characteristics of different groups of customers. This allows them to target their marketing efforts more effectively.

3. Research Industry

Researchers use a 3-circle Venn diagram to compare different data sets. They are particularly useful when studying the intersection of different variables. A researcher may use it to compare the outcomes of three different treatment options for a particular disease.


How To Make A Triple Venn Diagram? Easy Steps To Follow 

There are two ways to create a Triple Venn diagram, either start by organizing your ideas based on the content and then use the diagram to represent them, or begin by creating the diagram and then think of the content to fill each section.

#1. Think About the Content First, Then Organize the Ideas With a 3-Circle Venn Diagram

The "Think Content First, Organize with Diagram" approach involves three relevant and interrelated ideas. Overlapping areas between circles show where these ideas intersect.

Step 1 First Brainstorm the Elements

To make a 3-circle Venn diagram, brainstorm relevant elements or categories and list them for each set, including overlaps.

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

a, b, d, f, g, j, k, n, v

b, c, g, h, k, p, q

a, b, c, d, k, p, q, w

Step 2 Organize the Results

After identifying elements or categories, organize them into a table to show relationships, similarities, and differences.

Set 1 only

f, j, n, v

Set 2 only


Set 3 only


Set 1&2


Set 1&3

a, b

Set 2&3

c, d, p, q

Set 1&2&3


Step 3 Prepare & Fill in the Diagram

Create a 3-circle Venn diagram to show relationships between sets and elements, placing them in relevant sections, including overlaps. Common elements go in the center, displaying similarities and differences.

Fill the 3-Circle Venn Diagram with Prepared Elements

#2. Prepare the Triple Venn Diagram First, Then Think About the Content to Fill Each Part of the Diagram

First draw a three-circle Venn Diagram and label each circle with a set or concept you want to compare. Then, Identify areas of overlap and relevant content.

Step 1 Prepare a Blank Diagram with 3 Circles

The first step is to prepare a blank Triple Venn diagram with three circles that overlap in the center. Label each circle with the name of one of the data sets.

Prepare the Triple Venn Diagram

Step 2 Write All the Elements That Meet All the Three Sets in the Central Overlapping Region.

Once you have prepared the diagram, it's time to start filling it in. Begin by adding the elements that meet all three sets in the central overlapping region. These are the elements that are common to all three sets of data.

Fill the Central Part of the 3-Circle Venn Diagram

Step 3 Write All the Elements That Meet Only Two Of The Sets in the Other Overlapping Regions.

Find and write elements present in the intersection of two circles but not the third, look at the areas where two sets intersect but not the third. For example, in a 3-circle Venn diagram, find elements in:

1. Set A and Set B but not in Set C

2. Set A and Set C but not in Set B

3. Set B and Set C but not in Set A

Fill the Intersecting Three Parts of the 3-Circle Venn Diagram

Step 4 Write All the Elements That Meet Only Each Individual Set In The Remaining Regions.

Find and write elements unique to each set, look at the areas outside the overlapping regions of a 3-circle Venn diagram. For example, in sets A, B, and C, find elements in:

1. Region belonging only to Set A

2. Region belonging only to Set B

3. Region belonging only to Set C

Complete the Whole 3-Circle Venn Diagram

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Overall, MioCreate is a great tool for anyone looking to create clear, impactful visual aids for their work or personal projects. Whether you're working on a complex project with a team or just need a quick and easy way to visualize your ideas, Miocreate has everything you need to get the job done.


A 3-circle Venn diagram compares and contrasts three different sets of items or ideas using a graphical representation. The diagram features three overlapping circles representing the different sets, with each circle indicating a unique characteristic or category.

You can use MioCreate if looking for a 3-circle Venn diagram maker. Miocreate is a user-friendly tool for creating and customizing 3-circle Venn diagrams and other types of diagrams and visual aids. It enables users to generate professional-looking visual aids for presentations, reports, and other purposes with ease by providing an intuitive interface.

Table of Contents