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Free Online Business Plan Creator with Templates - No Download

Looking for a free and easy way to create a professional business plan? Look no further than free online business plan creators with templates!

In today's fast-paced and technology-driven world, starting a business requires more than just money. You need to know in what way your business operates the best. And what you should do at different points in time. To manage everything safe and sound, you need a business plan creator

A well-structured and comprehensive business plan is still crucial to achieving long-term success. Fortunately, there are now several free online business planners with templates entrepreneurs can use to simplify the process. 

This article will reveal the best online business plan creators with free templates as well as tutorials for entrepreneurs to launch and grow successful businesses.

Table of Contents
Who Needs a Business Plan Creator?
The Handy Business Online Planner with Templates
Online Business Planner vs Plan Software
Content Ideas for Making Business Plan

Business Plan Online Maker

Who Needs a Business Plan Creator?

A business plan is a written document that outlines a company's goals, strategies, financial projections, and other important details related to specific operations. It is typically created before the launch of a new business or a major expansion of an existing one.

Who Needs to Create a Business Plan?

Business Plan Extract Map

A business plan creator can be helpful for various individuals and organizations, including:

1. Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

Starting a new business can be daunting. A business plan is essential for securing funding, setting goals, and establishing a clear direction for the business.

2. Existing Business Owners

Even established businesses can benefit from a business plan to help them evaluate their current performance, identify areas for improvement, and plan for the future.

3. Investors and Lenders

Investors and lenders often require a well-written business plan as part of their due diligence process when considering funding a business.

Types of Business Plans 

Several business plans can be created depending on the purpose and audience of the plan. Here are some common types:

1. Startup business plan

This type of plan is typically created by entrepreneurs starting a new business. It includes a description of the business, market analysis, financial projections, and marketing and sales strategies.

2. Internal business plan

This type of plan is created for internal use within an organization. It may guide the company's operations, set goals, and allocate resources.

3. Strategic business plan

This type of plan is designed to help organizations establish long-term goals and strategies for achieving them. It may include a vision statement, mission statement, SWOT analysis, and other strategic planning tools.

4. Operational business plan

This type of plan focuses on the day-to-day operations of a business. It may include detailed plans for managing inventory, hiring employees, and other operational tasks.

5. Growth business plan

This type of plan is designed to help businesses grow and expand. It may include strategies for entering new markets, acquiring new customers, and launching new products or services. (Also Read  to Know How to Make Customer Journey Map)

6. Feasibility business plan

This type of plan is used to evaluate the feasibility of a business idea or project. It may include market research, financial analysis, and a detailed description of the proposed product or service.

7. Pitch deck

This is a condensed version of a business plan typically used to pitch a business idea to potential investors. It includes key information about the business, such as the problem it solves, the market opportunity, the team, and the financial projections.

An Online & Collaborative Business Plan Creator with Free Business Templates

Online and collaborative business plan creators are valuable for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to create professional and effective business plans. With the help of free business templates, users can quickly and easily create a customized plan that aligns with their specific needs and goals. One of the similar online business plan creators is MioCreate. 

Business Plan Elements

MioCreate Introduction 

Miocreate is an online and collaborative business plan creator that offers a user-friendly platform for entrepreneurs and businesses to create, share, and manage their business plans. One of the standout features of Miocreate is its collaborative nature. Multiple team members can work on the same business plan simultaneously, making it an excellent tool for businesses that want to involve multiple stakeholders in the process flowcharting of business plans. 


Miocreate's business templates cover many industries, making them suitable for businesses of all types and sizes. Users can find a template that suits their business needs, from startups to established enterprises. The customizable templates allow users to edit and tweak them to fit their requirements.

How To Quickly Make Business Plans With Templates? 

Making business plans with templates on Miocreate is a straightforward process that can be completed quickly and easily. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Sign up and log in to your Miocreate account.

Step 2. Click "Create a New Plan" on the dashboard to create your business plan.

Step 3. Choose a business plan template that best fits your needs. 

Templates Search

Step 4.  Customize the template to suit your specific business needs. 

Step 5. Use the tools and features available on Miocreate to enhance your plan.

Miocreate  whiteboard Makes  Charts And Diagrams

Step 6. Collaborate with your team members, if applicable. 

Step 7. Review and finalize your business plan. 

MioCreate Business Plan Creator VS Business Plan Maker Software


An Online Whiteboard

Business Plan Maker Software

Making a plan with your remote team members in Real-time

Online whiteboards typically have a wide range of drawing and visualization tools, such as sticky notes, shapes, and colors, that make it easy for users to communicate and collaborate visually.

An online whiteboard is a collaborative tool that allows users to create and share digital sketches, notes, and diagrams in real time. 

Online meeting room

You get an online meeting room that is excellent for team collaboration.  

Most business plan makers do not offer online collaborations. 

Presentations at any time

You get options to collaborate in teams through presentations. 

You might not get the option to create presentations all the time. 

Strict member management - highest privacy

The membership policy is strict, and the privacy of work done remains the same.  

The membership policy is decent, and the security is average. 

Designing Features 

Online whiteboard software typically includes templates, step-by-step guides, and financial modeling tools that guide users through the process.

Business plan maker software is a specialized tool designed to help entrepreneurs and businesses create comprehensive business plans. 




What Content Needs to Be Involved to Make a Business Plan? 

A business plan typically includes the following content. You should include these topics from a business plan creator to make the business plan worthy. 

1. Executive Summary

This section provides an overview of the business plan, including a brief description of the business, the products or services offered, and the plan's goals.

2. Key Partners 

Key partners are an important aspect to consider when creating a business plan. Key partners are individuals, businesses, or organizations that play a significant role in the success of your business. 

3. Value Proposition

Value proposition is a critical component of any business plan, as it helps to define what makes your product or service unique and valuable to customers. A value proposition is a statement that communicates the benefits your product or service provides customers and how it differentiates from competitors in the marketplace.

4. Products and Services

This section describes the products or services the business offers, including their features, benefits, and pricing.

5. Marketing and Sales Strategies

This section outlines the marketing and sales strategies the business will use to attract and retain customers.

6. Operations and Management

This section describes the business's day-to-day operations, including the organizational structure, key personnel, and operating procedures.

7. Financial Projections

This section includes financial forecasts for the business, including income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and other financial metrics.

8. Revenue Stream 

Revenue stream is essential to any business plan. You must include it via business plan maker as it details how a business will generate revenue from its products or services. Revenue stream refers to the sources of revenue that a business will rely on to sustain its operations, such as sales revenue, subscription fees, licensing fees, or advertising revenue.

What Can a Clear & Logic Business Plan Bring You? 

A clear and logical business plan can provide entrepreneurs and businesses with a better understanding of their goals, target market, competition, and financial projections. It can increase confidence and credibility among investors and stakeholders, provide clear direction for the business, help identify potential problems and risks, and ensure efficient use of resources. A well-constructed business plan is essential for success in any business venture.


The availability of free online business plan creators with templates is a game-changer for entrepreneurs and businesses. With the help of these tools, creating a professional business plan has never been easier. The ability to choose from various templates and customize them according to specific needs, as well as access to various features such as financial modeling and collaboration tools, makes these tools invaluable. Moreover, the convenience of being able to create a business plan online without having to download any software is a significant advantage. By utilizing free online business plan creators, entrepreneurs can ensure their businesses are well-prepared for success.


Table of Contents