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8 Top AI GIF Generators Online to Create GIF Like a Pro – The Expert’s Opinion

Want to make animated GIFs? We are sharing 8 best AI GIF makers free online that will help you create pro-looking GIFs from text/image/video easily.

Are you tired of using the same old pictures in your content? The easiest way to spruce things up is to use GIFs. They are perfect for capturing your audience’s attention and sharing information quickly. 

However, creating new GIFs from scratch can be difficult, which is why many people have started looking for an AI GIF generator. These tools help generate GIFs within seconds, and you can transform your images, texts, and videos into a GIF. 

If you need help choosing a reliable AI GIF maker, we are reviewing the top 8 options. 

AI GIF Generator

Why Are GIFs So Popular?

GIFs have become extremely popular, given their ability to capture our attention and interests. They are being used on social media as they help express emotions and feelings very accurately. This is because the moving images are more attractive. 

GIFs are great at expressing emotions, so the other person can get an idea of what you want to convey. Consequently, it will increase the engagement on the content. The GIFs are also widely accepted file formats. This means you can easily use them on messaging apps and social media platforms. 

8 Best AI GIF Generators for Amazing GIF Creation

An AI GIF maker uses artificial intelligence to create AI-generated GIFs. It uses machine learning algorithms to design and animate the GIFs as per your instructions. So, if you want to know which AI GIF generator promises the best results, we have some options to share!

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1. AI Text to GIF Converter to Make Memes in 110+ Languages

Supreme AI GIF Maker

This tool has become popular for making memes but you can use it for other GIFs as well. There's an amazing database of templates available, so you can upload pictures and let the templates customize everything. The good thing is that there aren't any offensive templates available. You can export the GIFs in different sizes, including 4:3 and 1:1 format (you can choose the size according to social media platform). There is a built-in API available, so you can create your own memes with this AI GIF generator online free

2. Picsart AI GIF Generator: Easily Make Text to GIF with Different Styles

Picsart AI GIF Generator

PicsArt doesn't need an introduction and it's actually a reliable AI generated GIF tool. It can stitch the frames together within seconds to create the GIF. You don't need any animation skills to use this tool as you only have to enter the description and it will provide results. Once the GIF is generated, you can use other tools to add stickers and text. When we tried it, the free generations were pretty amazing, so you can definitely depend on this AI GIF maker for your visual content.

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3. Simplified Video to GIF Converter: Useful AI GIF Generator with Video

Simplified AI GIF Generator

Do you already have the videos that you want to turn into GIFs? Well, we were in the same boat and came across Simplified AI. It can make GIFs from scratch and you can convert your videos into GIFs as well. It allows the users to select the playback speed, so you've full control over how fast the objects move. Also, you can resize it to meet the dimensional requirements of different social media platforms, making this AI GIF generator online free a convenient option.  

4. MioCreate AI Face Swap: Change Faces in GIF to Enjoy Endless Fun

MioCreate GIF Maker by Face Swapping

MioCreate AI Face Swap is an easy-to-use tool that can help swap the faces in GIFs. It makes the process of editing GIFs simple, as you only have to upload the GIF and another face image. Then, MioCreate will handle the rest. MioCreate AI Face Swap is pretty suitable for beginners and the processing time is second to none. Having said that, you can put your face on celebrity GIFs or swap your friends’ faces with cartoon GIFs - it's a lot of fun! 

5. LogoAI Free Yet Customizable AI GIF Creator from Photos Online

Image AI GIF Maker

Many people think that LogoAI can only make logos but it has the capacity to make AI-generated GIFs within seconds. It can transform your logo into an animation, bringing an element of interest. With this AI GIF maker, you can adjust the playback speed and specify the GIF size. In addition, you can do the crop edits and download the final GIF in different pixel qualities. There's an option to adjust the loop settings and duration of every movement as long as you're using the JPG and PNG formats. 

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6. GifStar: A Handy AI GIF Maker to Put Your Face on Hot Gifs Seamlessly

GifStar AI GIF Maker

If you want an easy app that you can use to make GIFs on Android or iOS, GifStar is a great option. You can upload the face photos and use it to make GIF face swap. It has a Fresh GIFs section on the app, where you can access a variety of GIFs. For instance, you can find the trending, all-time popular, and fun GIFs. You can also use group GIFs with your friends. You can also integrate this app with iMessage and iOS keyboard, so you can share the GIFs easily. Lastly, it allows the users to download GIFs in high-quality resolution.  

7. AI GIFs: A Simple AI Text to GIF Generator [No Sign-Up]

AI GIFs Text to GIF Generator

If you want an AI GIF creator that doesn't require long signup and login processes, AI GIFs is the right choice. Keep in mind that this is a free tool, so there will be a few limitations and generation errors. It promises unique GIFs every time. The AI GIF generator has a user-friendly interface, making it apt for beginners. Also, you can choose from different categories and styles. All in all, there's no learning curve but you might have to wait for a few seconds to get the results. 

8. Kapwing: Professional AI GIF Creator & Editor from Video or Photo

Kapwing AI GIF Maker

If you're still looking for an AI GIF generator that helps edit videos and GIFs in one place, Kapwing is a good option. Truth be told, it might be a little difficult to use, so there's a slight learning curve. It allows the users to trim the GIFs and add text. In addition, you can use it for adding music and enhancing the overall aesthetics of GIFs with filters. Also, you can export your GIFs in multiple formats and resolution of your choice. 

Free Face Swapper by MioCreate
Unleash your creativity with a free AI face swapper. Feel the magic of AI to change faces in photos, videos, and GIFs.
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AI GIF Generator FAQs

1.Do all online GIF creators use AI?

There are different types of GIF creators available online but not all of them use artificial intelligence. The AI GIF generators mentioned in this article,such as MioCreate AI GIF Maker use AI. 

2. Are there any free AI GIF generators with no restrictions?

No, if you use a free AI GIF creator, you might have a limit on the number of GIFs you can create in a day. In addition, some of them leave a watermark that you cannot remove. 

3. Does Perchance offer an AI GIF generator?

No, Perchance does’t offer an AI generated GIF tool. However, you can use this tool to make AI characters and images. These characters and images can be infused with animations to turn them into GIFs. 

4. Where can I find some great GIF ideas for the AI GIF Generation?

If you want to create AI-generated GIFs but don't have the base idea, you can find inspiration and ideas from Giphy. Another option is Tenor, which is an online GIF search engine. The third option is Imgur. 

Free Face Swapper by MioCreate
Unleash your creativity with a free AI face swapper. Feel the magic of AI to change faces in photos, videos, and GIFs.
Free Swap Face Now


AI GIF generators are a great way of adding spark to the conversation and even brands can use GIFs to upscale their marketing content. In simpler words, GIFs are unique as compared to regular videos and photos. However, if you want to get started, we recommend MioCreate’s AI Face Swap to change any face in the GIF you upload. Now, are you ready to make GIFs on your own?

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