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12 Best Face Swap Apps - Get Funny and Innovative Photos/Videos by Swapping Faces

How can you swap face for fun? With the 12 best face swap apps shared, you can create the most funny and innovative photos/videos to entertain your friends.

Dreaming of looking exactly like another person is something that we have all done once in our lives, since you want to look like someone else to have some fun with them. Well, what if we told you that swapping your face for another person’s look is no longer a dream? That’s right! With the help of the best face swap apps, you can change the faces in a video or photo with each other.

Best Face Swap Apps

Benefits of the Best Face Swap App

A face swap app is an application that allows you to replace the face of anyone in your desired photo or video with the face of any person in the world. There are many different face swap apps out there but some of them don’t provide the superior editing features that others do. Therefore, If you are looking for the best face swap apps, it should be able to fulfill the following purposes:

★ For entertainment purposes: The best face swap apps allow you to create some funny and entertaining photos/videos, you can also show your friends and family with such photos/videos to have some laughs.

★ For inspiring creation: Using a face swap app to edit pictures and show them to other people will inspire users to make even better creations, improving their editing skills.

★ For business needs: A face swap app can be used to swap faces with someone, using the face for creating posters or banners to promote his business.

Free Face Swapper by MioCreate
Unleash your creativity with a free AI face swapper. Feel the magic of AI to change faces in photos, videos, and GIFs.
Free Swap Face Now

Traditional Face Swap App VS. AI Face Swap App

Initially when face swap apps were first developed, people would have to edit their pictures manually. But due to advancements in Artificial Intelligence, users can edit pictures with the press of a button. 

But traditional face swap apps and AI face swap apps still have their own advantages and limitations. The major features of traditional and AI face swap apps are compared in the table given below.


Traditional Face Swap App

AI Face Swap App

Way of swapping faces

Manual editing

AI algorithm editing

Time required

More than AI apps, usually 1 day and more

Less than traditional apps, often for just several seconds

Quality of effects


Less detailed than manual editing

Difficulty of editing



Accuracy of editing

Very accurate

Not as accurate as manual editing

Top 8 Best Face Swap Apps Worth Trying for Realistic Face Swap on Android/iOS

If you want to try some of the best face swap apps for yourself, then please look no further as we will list the top 8 best face swap apps below. These apps will provide you with amazing editing quality and features. 

1. Vidnoz Face Swap - Swap Faces with Advanced AI Algorithm for Free

Best Face Swap App Vidnoz

Vidnoz Face Swap is one of the best AI face swap apps which implements the use of Advanced AI technology to instantly carry out high-quality face swaps. Vidnoz can not only perform face swap on photos but also videos and even GIFs. Vidnoz also allows people to perform multiple face swaps at the same time. Users can use all these features without having to worry about any device limitations.


  • Advanced AI algorithm allows to perform face swaps accurately and quickly
  • Can perform face swaps on photos, videos and GIFs
  • Supports gender swap too


  • Many features are locked behind a monthly subscription
Free Face Swapper by MioCreate
Unleash your creativity with a free AI face swapper. Feel the magic of AI to change faces in photos, videos, and GIFs.
Free Swap Face Now

2. Face Swap Live - Swap Your Face from Video in Real Time

Best Face Swap App Face Swap Live

Working as one of the best face swap video apps, Face Swap Live allows users to swap faces between two people in real time. Users can swap their faces to other persons’ on the videos. By providing 3D filters for users, it helps them to become whoever they want to be.


  • Supports real-time face swapping between multiple people at once
  • Built-in Masks and FX features
  • Has web face mask search


  • Face recognition isn’t good
  • People facing crashes on newer iOS versions
  • User interface is dull and simplistic

3. YouCam Perfect - Swap and Edit the Faces You Want 

Best Face Swap App YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect is viewed as one of the best AI face swap apps to not only swap faces, but also to do much more. With this AI face swap tool, people can cut and paste a face, placing it on any body very effortlessly. It also includes some other awesome features such as Object Remove which can remove any unnecessary objects in users’ photos. Another feature of it is an Avatar Maker which allows people to make custom avatars from their existing photos.


  • Provides very high quality features to perform face swaps
  • Face swapping is very easy through YouCam Perfect
  • Unnecessary objects can be removed in photos through the Object Remover and Cutout feature


  • Many important features are locked behind a subscription
  • Watermark of YouCam Perfect can’t be removed
  • In-app filters aren’t good

4. Snapchat - Share Face Swap Effects in Android/iOS Device Lenses 

Best Face Swap App Snapchat Snapchat is not only used as a good face swap app but also as a social media platform. Users can utilize Snapchat’s AI lens to perform excellent quality face swaps. Besides, there are also many available filters and lenses to edit users photos/videos to how they like. Customers can automatically swap faces on the screen by entering selfie mod and turning on the face map.


  • Various filters and lenses available
  • The face swap AI lens is easy to use
  • You can send your face swapped photos and videos to friends directly through the app


  • Ad pop-ups are very aggressive
  • UI glitches and bugs harm the user experience
  • App is very slow

5. Reface - Create Realistic Face-Swapping Photos and Videos in a Few Clicks

Best Face Swap App Reface

Another option available to users when it comes to the best face swap app is Reface. Through Reface’s AI-powered functions, people can use face swap on photos and videos to swap their faces with popular celebrities. They can also create their own fictional characters and use face swap with them.


  • Supports photo animation and video editing
  • Can create custom AI avatars
  • Can generate AI photos or videos with your face


  • Technical glitches in app
  • Ad pop-ups are aggressive
  • Tokens need to be purchased and spent to use some features

6. HelloFace - Swap Faces in Prepared Templates 

Best Face Swap App HelloFace

The next app in our list is HelloFace. HelloFace implements the use of AI and face swap templates to create captivating face swap images/videos. Users can select from the many available themed face swap templates and use the one that they find the most attractive.


  • Can create animations from photos
  • Various themes available to match your requirements
  • Easy to use and can create and edit videos with just one tap


  • Coins need to be purchased to use some features
  • Issues related to uploading images and app stabilization
  • Users have reported that their subscriptions were canceled abruptly

7. Faceover - Edit Multiple Faces in the Target Photos 

Best Face Swap App FaceOver

Another one users can select is called Faceover, it is also one of the best face swap apps to perform dynamic face transformations. With Faceover, users can swap your face in a photo as well as any other people that are present next to them in the same photo. They can also cut, rotate, and flip the faces of people with Faceover. Besides, users are allowed to swap faces in videos that have a different theme such as from a stock photo to a meme.


  • Provides video and photo editing of up to 4k quality
  • Provides outstanding face and image enhancement tools
  • Can directly share your edited photos and videos from Faceover to any social media platform


  • Need to watch ads to keep using free version
  • Users have reported not being able to watch ads, hence not being able to use free version
  • Subscriptions are expensive as compared to other Face swap apps

8. FaceApp -  See What You Would Look Like in Different Gender

Best Face Swap App FaceApp

The last face swap app on our list of the best face swap apps is called FaceApp. FaceApp provides users with exceptional photorealistic editing with the help of its 60+ photorealistic filters. Users can swap faces with extreme precision and also perform gender swap. Other nice features such as adding in a beard, changing the haircut, or applying makeup to a person are also provided.


  • Provides a lot of exceptional and useful features
  • Provides photorealistic images even after editing
  • Can compare the picture before and after edits are applied


  • Camera can have difficulties detecting images
  • People have reported losing their subscriptions even after paying
  • Many features are locked behind a subscription

4 Best Face Swap Apps Online to Create Funny Face-Swapping Photos

If you don’t like to install apps that clutter the home screen and take up space on your mobile device, then you can alternatively use Face swap apps online. Below, we’ll compile a short list of the best free face swap apps that you can use online.

Free Face Swapper by MioCreate
Unleash your creativity with a free AI face swapper. Feel the magic of AI to change faces in photos, videos, and GIFs.
Free Swap Face Now

1. MioCreate AI Face Swap - Swap Faces Online without Limitation 

Best Face Swap App MioCreate

MioCreate AI Face Swap is a good online platform on our list. With this tool, users can swap faces very easily in just a few clicks. In addition, it also will recommend users to consider using certain photos and edits to make their creation even better. MioCreate AI Face Swap works on any picture users can find, proceeding even NSFW face swap.


  • MioCreate AI Face Swap does not charge the user any hidden fees for using its features
  • Provides photorealistic editing
  • Can swap faces in just a minimum of 3 steps


  • Has few other  features for users

2. - Become Anyone You want in Any Photo or Video

Best Face Swap App Artguru AI is another example of the best AI face swap app that allows you to swap faces of up to 5 people in a single photo. is also an exceptional choice if one wants to add his face to his favorite movie or if he just wants to have some laughs with his friends. The online app already offers many preset photos which users can use right away to swap their faces with celebrities, anime, art and cartoon characters.


  • Users can perform a certain amount of free face swaps daily 
  • Allows swapping multiple faces at once
  • Provides seamless and realistic face swaps


  • Does not provide many options for editing
  • Inconsistent quality of face swaps
  • Requires creating an account before accessing its features

3. FaceMod - Explore and Grasp 106 Facial Key Points for Swapping Face

Best Face Swap App FaceModAnother online alternative to AI face swap apps is FaceMod. Users can try out FaceMod and use its 106 Facial Key Points for swapping faces accurately. FaceMod can detect faces in photos and videos very quickly and swap the target's face within 2 seconds. People can also apply different themes to your selfies such as sport, film, wedding and more. FaceMod provides users with thousands of different video templates so you can make each creation stand out among others.


  • Provides over 1000 different templates
  • Can detect faces very quickly and accurately
  • Provides AI generation


  • Difficult to navigate and use for beginners
  • Offers limited customization as compared to other online AI face swap app
  • Can no longer use the app after the free trial expires

4. iSmartta - Easily Swap Faces in Clear Interface 

Best Face Swap App iSmartta The last tool that we will recommend for face swapping is iSmartta. iSmartta is a very beginner-friendly face-swapping tool through which you can swap faces in photos and videos. It is a very basic but useful tool because it doesn’t require professional editing skills which is a very attractive feature for beginners in photo and video editing.


  • Easy to use
  • Can be learned to use almost instantly
  • Can perform basic face swaps in photos and videos


  • Not meant for use by people with professional skill
  • Doesn’t include advance editing features
  • People with professional editing skills will find iSmartta underwhelming

How to Swap Face with the Best Face Swap App- MioCreate Online

Now it is time to find out what is the best face swap app among them. After using all these apps ourselves, we have come to the conclusion that MioCreate Face Swap is the best face swap online tool among all these due to its ease of use, pricing, and features. You can use MioCreate Face Swap yourself by following these steps.

Step 1. Upload a base photo of a person onto which the face will be swapped.

Best Face Swap MioCreat Upload Base Image

Step 2. Then upload the target photo whose face you want to swap onto the base photo.

Step 3.  Click on “Swap Face Now” to begin the face swapping process. Your creation is now in front of you and you can download it! Want to perform batch face swap with ease? Then you can click “Multiple Face Swap”. 

Best Face Swap MioCreat Swap Face

Explore the Funny Examples of Face Swap

Let’s see the face-swapping creations with the best face swap apps to have some laughs and inspire other people to do the same.

Best Face Swap App Example 1

Best Face Swap App Example 2

Best Face Swap App Example 3


Now you can try face swapping out for yourself by using the best face swap apps mentioned in our list. However, we advise you to use only the top 1 best face swap tool - MioCreate AI Face Swap, which is very easy to learn and use. You should try out face swapping for yourself at least once to see what you think about it and if you like it or not.

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