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Instant Face Swap Free Online: Pictures, Videos and GIFs

Group Face Swapping in Seconds: Free & Safe Methods

Learn how to group face swap and discover the information about the top 3 group face swapping online tools.

Dabbling in mirthful pranks with friends is always entertaining and funny, and it creates core memories that remain with us lifelong. Social media is a great help in this regard, consistently emerging with gleeful trends to keep the internet a happening hotspot. Group face swap is a delightful fusion of technology and creativity that has taken platforms by storm. This article organized a detailed guide to every how-to about Group face swap and how you can use it to prank your friends!

Group Face Swap

What is a Group Face Swap? How Does It Work?

Group face swap, also known as multiple face swap, is advanced digital manipulation technology that swaps the faces of various people in the group picture. This process uses various advanced algorithms and image processing technology to perform a seamless face swap.

First, it locates and detects the position of the faces and aligns the facial features correctly. It then extracts defining facial features and swaps those from one photo to another. Lastly, the swapped faces are blended to create a nearly perfect merger making the faces look natural, hence the outcome picture is transformed face-to-face merging into one creating exciting images to the eye. This popular feature is founds on various online platforms for entertainment and content purposes through simple steps. Here is how you can face swap group pictures online. 

Free Face Swapper by MioCreate
Unleash your creativity with a free AI face swapper. Feel the magic of AI to change faces in photos, videos, and GIFs.
Free Swap Face Now

How to Swap Faces in Group Photos 100% Free

Group photo face swap through MioCreate is a straightforward process. You can follow the following simple steps to make your face swap group picture. 

Upload a group photo:

Begin by accessing the MioCreate platform and selecting the option to upload a group photo. Choose a clear and well-lit image where all faces are visible and properly aligned. Quality matters here, as it ensures accurate face detection and swapping.

Group face swap:

Once the picture is uploaded to MioCreate, you will find each face in a separate tab. Click the added sign near the face, and upload the image you wish to take its place. Upload it and adjust the picture at the exact angle till all tabs are filled with the selected pictures. This process enables you to choose which picture to keep on the group photo and relieves the complexity of editing.


Face swap now:

The last step is to click on “Swap Face Now”. The software will provide the group face swap photo in a couple of minutes.

Free Face Swapper by MioCreate
Unleash your creativity with a free AI face swapper. Feel the magic of AI to change faces in photos, videos, and GIFs.
Free Swap Face Now

Top Online Group Photo Face Swap Tools

Numerous online platforms provide this feature. This article has filtered the top 3 face swap group picture online tools, detailing their elaborate features and pros and cons.

MioCreate Multiple Face Swap

Best Group Face Swap Tool MioCreate

MioCreate face swap is versatile online software that offers many innovative editing features by emphasizing advanced AI technology. Its face swap group picture feature also stands out as it delivers realistic results. It has a simple interface that can be navigated by anyone without any problem. It is completely free to use. However, the paid version offers more perks, such as 1000 photos or 33-minute videos to face swap without a watermark. 


  • Miocreate ensures to obviate any security concerns, so facial data is never stored, making it a safe and private platform. 
  • It delivers realistic results quickly.
  • Photos and videos are supported in various formats.


  • It has limited customization options.

Vidnoz Multiple Face Swap

Best Group Face Swap Tool Vidnoz

Vidnoz AI Face Swap is a streamlined online tool that employs advanced and efficient AI technology to support multiple face swap group pictures. This tool is perfect for changing faces in various types of photos, including those featuring friends, family, weddings, graduations, and group pictures. Moreover, it offers many other face swap features, such as video, celebrity, meme, character and GIF face swap.


  • Vidnoz works on advanced AI algorithms to produce naturalistic results.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • The privacy of users is firmly protected.
  • It offers numerous face-swapping features.


  • The processing time could be expedited.
Free Face Swapper by MioCreate
Unleash your creativity with a free AI face swapper. Feel the magic of AI to change faces in photos, videos, and GIFs.
Free Swap Face Now

Remaker AI

Best Group Face Swap Tool Remaker

Remaker AI provides a user-friendly and easy-to-use opportunity for users who want to swap faces in a group of multiple people. The online swapping of more than one face is a quick process. You need to upload the photo to be used, pick faces to swap, preview the changes, and download their modified photo. The Multiple Face Swapper offered by Remaker keeps everything private as the program does not store the image the user uploaded or generated. All user data gets deleted automatically in 48 hours; this implies that Remaker strictly respects user privacy.


  • Remaker provides various face swap features, such as single, video and Batch face swaps, in addition to multiple face swaps.
  • It has a user-centric layout.
  • It offers a Quick turnaround.


  • While it ensures safety, there's a catch with storage time. 
  • Photos are deleted within 48 hours, so download promptly to avoid losing access.

Explore The Fun Side of Group Face Swap

Group face swaps are all about having fun and getting creative with your photos. Here are some cool ideas:

Movie clip group face swap

Movie clip group face swap is a great approach to connecting with your friend, using your mutual favorite movie to make it relatable. You can immerse yourselves in your favorite movies by swapping faces with characters from iconic film scenes. Be it a Hero, villain or even a side character, it is a great feature to twist your cinematic moments.

Family & Friends group face swap:

With this theme, you can exchange faces with your loved ones, creating amusing and heartwarming photos. It might be a good activity to include in your family gathering to make everyone included, interested and cherished.

Animal group face swap:

You can swap your face with your favorite animal using the Animal group face swap feature. Inevitably, it will be fun watching yourself like your favorite pet and animal.

Group Face Swap - FAQs 

Are there privacy concerns related to Group Face Swap?

While group face swaps are fun, privacy is paramount. Users should opt for reputable platforms that prioritize data protection. Be cautious about sharing sensitive information and consider the implications of making images public.

Can Group Face Swap be used for marketing or promotional purposes?

Yes, a group face swap can be a marketing tool. Businesses can create engaging content by swapping faces with customers or employees. However, consent is crucial, and adherence to privacy regulations is necessary.

Are there any tips for creating the best Group Face Swap photos?

To create the best group face swap photo, creativity must always be prioritised. Other than following are some tips you can follow to create engaging content:

Use high-quality photos.

Ensure proper face alignment.

Pay attention to lighting and angles.

Experiment with different faces.

Utilize editing tools for enhancements.

Respect privacy and context when sharing.


Group face swaps are currently a hot trend on social media, beneficial for boosting engagement and visibility. If you are a content creator or even want to use it for fun, opt for good online platforms  to produce good results. Moreover, if you have queries, read the FAQs to diffuse confusion.

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