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5 Best AI Tools to Make Stunning Celebrity Face Swap in Photos, Gifs and Videos!

Wants to create convincing celebrity face swaps? Explore top 5 AI tools that morph famous faces in photos, GIFs, and videos to create viral content!

Have you ever wanted to see how your favorite or inspired celebrity will look with a different face? Well thanks to AI your fantasy is now visually possible. The idea of celebrity face swap has become the current obsession and many users are morphing famous faces to create trendy videos, pictures, or even GIFs.

Celebrity Face Swap

You can also put your face on a celebrity through AI tools. This article will particularly explore the 5 best tools you can use along with their pros and cons so that you can also keep yourself in resonance with the coming trends and technology!

Trendy Celebrity Face Swap Creations for Inspiration

You can create trendy videos with any celebrity's face for fun. Here are some trends you can get inspiration:

  1. Asoka Makeup
    Recently, the Indian bridal makeup called Asoka goes viral on Youtube and TikTok. Other than creating such mind-bending transformations, you can also generate by face swapping.

Asoka makeup face swapped video

So you could swap the faces of your loved celeb like Rihanna to create a seamless face-swap video.

2. Photo/GIF Meme Face Swap

Celeb Gif Face Swap

3. Photo Face Swap

Celeb Face Swap Photo

4. Gender Switch


5. Yearbook

Yearbook celeb face swap

5 Best Tools for Stunning Celebrity Face Swapping (PC, Apps and AI Tools)

1. MioCeate AI Face Swap - FREE AI Celebrity Face Swap in Photos, GIFs, and Videos

Free ai celebrity face swap

MioCreate is a one-stop generative AI face swapper that will naturally swap faces with celebrities. It allows you make stunning celebrity face swap in single photo, group photo and in GIFs or videos! So whether you want to put your face on a celebrity or take a photo with celebrities, you can simply make the face swap photos or videos with the help of MioCreate face swap.

And the most important is that MioCreate offers 100% free AI service to put you face on a celebrity! You can use it and download the celebrity face changed photo/video anytime and cost no penny!

Key Features:

  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • Accessible on all devices
  • Three easy steps
  • Group celebrity photo face swapping
  • Generate trendy GIFs and funny memes of celebrities


  • You have to make an account.
  • During a high-demand period, you may have to queue to swap faces.

Step-By-Step Guide: Be a Celeb or Photo with Celebs

1. Swap Face to Look Like a Celebrity in a Photo

Step 1. Upload a Picture of a celebrity you want:

Swap face tyla

Step 2. Upload a Portrait where you want to apply the new face:

Make celeb tyla to rihanna

Step 3. Tap ‘Swap Face Now’ and it will generate a face swap photo.

and Voila! You get a Rihanna face-swapped photo:

Celebrity Photo Face Swap

2. Swap Face in a Group Picture to Picture with Celebrities
Step 1. Upload the Group Photo you want:
Swap faces in group photo

Step 2. Select faces in the group photo you want to swap:

Select faces to swap

Step 3. Click ‘Swap Face Now’ and let the AI do its job:

Celebs face swap in group photo
3. Change Face with Celebrities in GIFs & Videos

Step 1. Upload your desired GIF/Video in any format: M4V, MOV, GIF, WEBM
Celeb face swap gif

Step 2. Upload a photo of the face you want in the video:

gif celeb face swap

Step 3. Click ‘Swap Face Now" and enjoy the funny GIF:

Swap Celeb Face in Gif

If you're ready to make celebrity face swap photos, GIFs or videos, then start creation now!

Free Face Swapper by MioCreate
Unleash your creativity with a free AI face swapper. Feel the magic of AI to change faces in photos, videos, and GIFs.
Free Swap Face Now

2. Vidnoz AI Face Swap - Multiple Celebrity Faces Swap in GIFs/Videos

Multiple celebrity  face swap in videos

Vindoz works best as a professional AI video editors. It seamlessly and naturally swaps faces in your videos or GIFs with the faces of celebrities you want. Within seconds, it shares results with you without sacrificing video quality.

What makes it stand out? The perfect blendings of changed faces with celebrities in videos will surprise all people. So if you want to put your faces on celebs in a video, Vidnoz multiple face swap in video will present you the top-tier creation.

Key Features:

  • Accept videos in different formats like MOV, WEBM, M4V, GIF
  • No Charges
  • Runs on Webpage so you don't have to download it.
  • If you want to download it on mobile, you can find it on the App Store.

iOS video celebs face swap


  • You have to wait in queue for your face-swapping turn due to its high demand
  • It costs you charges if you want to change multiple celebrity faces in Videos/GIFs.

Step-by-Step Guide: To Re-Cast Your Favourite Film!
Step 1. Upload a video or GIF where there are multiple faces.

Step 2. Select the face among the videos that you want to swap with celebrity faces.

Change faces with celebrities in gif and video

Step 3. Click ‘Swap Face Now’

3. Faceover - Realistic iOS App that Puts Your Face on a Celebrity

iOS app that put face on a celebrity

Faceover is an iOS-compatible app to face swap with celebrities. It creates realistic and humorous results. It’s a user-friendly app that works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and allows you to use your creativity in making trendy face changed memes.

Key Features:

  • You can generate funny face swaps: rotating the face, pasting face on different photos.
  • Easy to use.
  • Supports many languages.


  • You can only face-swap celebrities in pictures, not in videos or GIFs.
  • Unnatural processed results.

4. iSmartta - Gender Switch with Celebrity Face Swap Online Free

AI style celebrity face swap

iSmartta is an online celebrity face swapper where you can change the celebrity face with the opposite gender. It merges the face provided by you with your chosen celebrity face and generates a stunning portrait. 

Key Features:

  • You can use it straight away, which means you don't have to sign up first.
  • Naturally morph celebrities' gender.


  • You may have the potential risk of violating copyrights(if for commercial using)

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5. Photoshop - Professional Photo Editor to Cut-and-Paste Your Face on a Celebrity

Professional face swap photo editor

When it comes to professional photo editing tool, Photoshop stands masterfully. It could edit your pictures with high precision and makes it difficult for others to point out the editing points. Its end results are of high quality and that's why it is the recommendation of many users when it comes to cutting and pasting faces on celebrities in photos

Key Features:

  • You can enjoy multiple professional photo editing options.
  • Customize photos as you preference.


  • Pro skills required to edit natural face swap photos.
  • Cost charges.
  • Photo processing one-by-one, which will cost must time.

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Tips to Put Your Face on a Celebrity Perfectly

Although face-swapping is not a very complicated skill, especially now with the help of AI, many people still remind of their failed face-changing pictures/videos. So how can you get the perfect celebrity face swaps? I have learned from thousands of practices and get some useful tips:

1. Choose the Right Image

You'd better go for high-quality pictures cause it's difficult for current AI to recognise blur face in low resolution photos.

If you insist use the blur photo/video, maybe you should pre-process it with a photo or video enhancer.

2. Clear Face

AI will automatically recognize faces and merge photos naturally. But if you upload a blurred portrait as we said before, the AI algorithm cannot find the face, causing the face change to fail.

3. Align Facial Features

You should keep in check the correct alignment of the nose, eyes, and mouth. At least, do not upload photos in totally different angles. Or you will get a strange face.

4. Choose the Right Tool

The right tools can save a lot of time and money. If you don’t know how to use professional tools at all, then AI face swapper are the best choice.

Otherwise you would have to spend a lot of time dealing with details such as background, lighting, skin tone and even hair after cutting and pasting the celebrity face, but AI will handle all quickly.


Celebrity face swap has brought a new trend in photo, video, and GIF editing. Because of this, many tools offer their unique and out-standing services by morphing famous in various style like realistic, humorous, and funny. Whether you are a professional editor, or newbies, there are many tools can fit your needs.

Without further ado, try to change celebrity face from MioCreate, to put your face on celebrities, and to catchup become the funny trendies on soicial media!

Free Face Swapper by MioCreate
Unleash your creativity with a free AI face swapper. Feel the magic of AI to change faces in photos, videos, and GIFs.
Free Swap Face Now
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