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8 AI Gender Swap Filter Online: Change Your Gender Instantly No Sign Up

Explore the 8 best gender swap filters online that can turn M-to-F or F-to-M easily in clicks. Change the gender of your portrait or photo with AI instantly!

In this era of rising social media usage, gender swap is the talk of the town. Gender swap is a fascinating feature for entertaining yourself and engaging socially with friends and family. And now you can instantly experience this filter online and amuse yourself. There are several gender swap filters available online, with which you can do swappings at your fingertips. With these online services, you do not have to download multiple apps or struggle with the complicated interfaces of those apps. Now, let’s have a look at some of the best options. So you can decide which one is the best gender swap filter online for you. 

Gender Swap Filter

What Is a Gender Swap Filter? Why People Use It? 

A gender swap filter is a digital tool that you can access online to customize the appearance and swap gender digitally. Advanced facial recognition and editing technologies allow you to transform features such as hair, face, and clothing. Some of the common reasons behind the popularity of gender swap filters among people are:


Many people find it fascinating to know what they or others would look like with a different gender. So, people explore their identity in this way. Parents may even use it to imagine their child in an alternate gender.

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Content Creation

Gender-swapping filters online are popular among content creators, who use them to produce engaging and humorous content. There are many viral challenges on platforms like TikTok and Snapchat, such as the #genderswap challenge, where users participate by sharing amusing gender-swapped videos and photos for entertainment purposes.

Internet Culture

Gender swap filters have become a major part of the internet culture. It serves as a great tool for satire and entertainment within social circles, families, and online communities. Your digital interactions will be fun by using this filter hence, many people use it.

Top 8 AI Gender Swap Filters Online to Play Gender Switch Game

Here are some of the best gender swap filters online that you can use. AI Face Editor: Create Super-Natural Opposite Sex Photo's AI Face Editor offers a free gender swap filter and features like funny stickers and cartoon filters. While it provides a user-friendly interface and supports various image formats (JPG, PNG, JPEG, WEBP, and BMP), you must log in to download unwatermarked photos. Most people use it to transform profile pictures for social media and create playful portraits for personal use.

The maximum resolution supported by this tool is 6000 X 4000. 

Media Gender Swap Filter

The tool is simple to use. Begin by uploading your photo, then specify the desired gender. Once you've selected your preferences, initiate the processing. Finally, with just one click, download your gender-swapped photo for free.

Pricing: $9.99 / mo (Standard), $17.99 / mo (Premium).

Heyphoto Gender: A Flexible Gender Swap Filter Online to Define (Fe)male Degree

Heyphoto Gender is one of the best gender swap filters online, mainly because it allows users to adjust the degree of masculinity or femininity in the gender-swapped photo. While there is a fixed watermark, you can conveniently manipulate the gender slider and instantly download the edited image. This tool could be useful for individuals seeking subtle gender transformations for artistic or personal reasons.

Heyphoto Gender Swap Filter

The maximum resolution is 1024 X 1024 px. The supported formats are JPG, PNG, and WEBP. The process is simple: First, upload your prepared photo. Then, fine-tune the gender slider to the desired position. Allow the auto-processing to complete, and once done, review and download your photo with ease.

Pricing: HeyPhoto doesn’t charge any amount. But, it adds a watermark on all the images. 

MioCreate AI Face Swap: Free Gender Changer Online No Sign Up

MioCreate offers a versatile gender changer capable of handling both images and videos, including multi-face scenarios. Noteworthy features include the ability to customize hairstyles and clothing during gender-swapping by face swapping. However, free users will encounter watermarks on their output. This service caters to users experimenting with gender expression in their visual media projects.

The supported formats are JPG, PNG, WEBP, M4V, MP4, MOV, and WEBM. 

MioCreate Gender Swap Filter

The process is simple. Select your preferred gender face swap mode. Upload the base image or video. Then, provide the target face photo of the opposite gender. Initiate the gender change process, and once completed, download or share the final media effortlessly.

Pricing: Free trial, $4.99 / monthly (80 credits), $12.99 / half yearly (350 credits), $19.99 / yearly (1000 credits).

AILab: A Watermark-Free Gender Swap Filter Online

AILab provides an online watermark-free gender swap filter. However, it lacks support for the popular web photo format .webp and requires users to log in for gender-swapping and downloading photos. But don’t worry; it supports other formats like JPG, PNG, and JPEG. Despite these limitations, it offers a straightforward solution for users seeking a basic gender transformation tool.

WonderShare AILab Gender Swap

Pricing: $9.9 (50 credits), $99 (2000 credits), $329 (10,000 credits), $1099 (50,000 credits). Each credit can be used while editing the image, and videos.

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LightX AI Portrait - A Handy Gender Filter Online with Over 30 Hot Image Styles

LightX AI Portrait offers a convenient gender filter online with over 30 image styles for male and female photos. While the service provides various styles to choose from, some users may find the swapped photos appear strange at times. Additionally, downloaded photos come with watermarks. Despite these drawbacks, LightX AI Portrait can be useful for users seeking diverse image styles for their gender-swapped photos.

LightX Gender Swap Filter Online

Pricing: $5.99 / month (1000 credits).

AILabTools Gender Swap: Change Any Photo Between Female & Male in High Quality

AILabTools Gender Swap allows users to change any high-quality photo between female and male genders. This tool offers different image quality options to share and use the best photo for a particular platform. Users should be cautious of on-page ads, although the downloaded photos are watermark-free. However, the quality of gender-swapped photos may vary. This service caters to users looking for high-quality gender transformation options.

AIlabtools Gender Swap Filter

Pricing: $29.99 (500 credits / month), $59.99 (1500 credits / month)

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Vidnoz AI Face Swap: Create a Twin Persona for Multiple Faces

VidnozAI Face Swap enables users to create a twin persona for multiple faces, with both online and iOS versions available. However, users may experience slow gender-swapping times during peak hours, and file downloads require a login. Despite these limitations, VidnozAI Face Swap provides a solution for users seeking face-swapping functionality across multiple faces. The supported formats are JPG, PNG, and WEBP. 

Vidnoz AI Gender Swap Filter Online

Pricing: Free trial, $4.99 / monthly (80 credits), $12.99 / half yearly (350 credits), $19.99 / yearly (1000 credits).

Photoleap: A Premium Photo Editor Online with Gender Swap Filter

Photoleap is a premium online photo editor that features a special gender swap filter which caters to advanced users' needs. Since common online video editors often lack gender swap features, Photoleap fills this gap for users seeking comprehensive editing tools. Photoleap offers a robust solution if you are looking for advanced photo editing capabilities along with gender swapping.

Photoleap AI Gender Swap

Pricing: $5.99 / month.

FAQs on Gender Swap Filter

Is there a gender swap filter online with no login?

Most of the gender swap filters require a login for free downloads. However, you can use MioCreate AI Face Swap to use gender swap filters without the need for login. Moreover, you can utilize no-login tools for gender swapping and take screenshots for further use.

Can I use the CapCut web to make gender swap videos?

Unfortunately, CapCut web does not support the creation of gender swap videos. However, you can achieve similar results by using TikTok's gender swap template or MioCreate Video Face Swap, and you can easily edit the video using the CapCut app.

How accurate are the gender-swapped files?

The accuracy of gender-swapped files varies from tool to tool as there are several online tools each having different internal AI algorithms. If you want the best results, you should try out 2-3 different tools and compare the outcomes to decide the best solution.


Gender swap filters online are great tools that offer unique features and capabilities to swap genders and make desirable characters. This article has walked you through some amazing tools with which you can make customizable gender expressions. Some of these tools require login for downloads. If the process looks a little complicated to you, do not worry as MioCreate has your back with its no-login option. If you want to entertain yourself and create engaging content, you can use these tools that provide endless possibilities and great entertainment. So, experience the fun of gender swapping with MioCreate Face Swap and showcase your creativity.

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