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Get Inspired & Creative: How to Create Stunning Pinterest Mood Boards

Learn how to use Pinterest mood boards to communicate your ideas and inspire your creativity.

How To Make A Mood Board On Pinterest

Expressing your creativity can be a tough challenge. But fear not, because Pinterest mood boards can help! Mood boards are visual collages that combine images, colors, textures, and typography to organize your ideas, communicate your vision, and inspire creativity. And when it comes to creating mood boards, Pinterest is a fantastic platform to use.

In this article, you'll learn how to create a wonderful Pinterest mood board. From choosing a theme to organizing your pins and sharing your board with others, you'll learn all the essential steps to create a mood board that will impress your clients and colleagues.

Table of Contents
What Is a Mood Board?
The Benefits of Using a Mood Board
How to Create a Mood Board on Pinterest?
Tips for Curating Images and Finding Inspiration on Pinterest
The Pros and Cons of Using Pinterest to Create a Mood Board
A More Easier & Creative Way to Create Mood Board - MioCreate

What Is a Mood Board?

A mood board is a visual tool that combines images, colors, and textures to convey a particular mood or style. In creative fields, the communication of concepts and ideas is one of the main priorities. The purpose of a mood board is to capture the essence of a concept or idea and convey it visually, making it easier for others to comprehend and develop upon.

The Benefits of Using a Mood Board

Using a mood board in your creative projects has many benefits. 

Firstly, it helps you organize your ideas and provides a clear direction for your project. In this way you'll focus more on the overall style and identity of the project.

Secondly, mood boards are ideal for collaboration since they enable team members to view and comprehend your vision, resulting in a more cohesive and unified project.

Thirdly, mood boards are a fantastic source of inspiration that can help you unleash your creativity and generate new ideas. By tapping into your subconscious, you can access new concepts and designs that you may not have otherwise considered.

Lastly, it's useful for presenting ideas to clients or stakeholders as it presents a visual representation of your project that they can easily understand..

How to Create a Mood Board on Pinterest?

Creating a Pinterest mood board is a fun and easy way to organize your ideas and inspire creativity. Here are the steps to create a Pinterest mood board:

Step 1: Creating a New Board

Log in to your Pinterest account and click the plus sign. 

Then, select "Create Board" and name it. 

Choose a category that best fits your board and select whether you want your Pinterest mood board to be public or private.

How To Create A Mood Board On Pinterest Step 1

Step 2: Adding Pins

Now it's time to add some pins. Pins are the images or videos that you add to your board. 

You can add pins from your own uploads, other boards, or the Pinterest feed. 

To add a pin, simply click on the plus sign and select "Create Pin." 

From there, you can upload an image or video or add a pin from the web.

How To Create A Mood Board On Pinterest Step 2

Step 3: Organizing the Board

After that, it's time to organize your Pinterest mood board. You can move pins around by clicking and dragging them.

Deleting or editing a pin on your mood board is easy! Just click on the pin you want to modify and select "Delete Pin" or "Edit Pin." And if you want to further organize your pins, add sections to your mood board.

How To Create A Mood Board On Pinterest Step 3

Tips for Curating Images and Finding Inspiration on Pinterest

Are you struggling to find the perfect images for your mood board? Fear not, dear creator, for Pinterest is here to save the day! With millions of images at your fingertips, Pinterest is the perfect place to get inspired.

So let's get started with some fun and creative tips to help you make the most of Pinterest and create a mood board that truly reflects your unique vision.

Pin Your Way to Inspiration

Are you feeling stuck in a creative rut? Not sure where to start with your mood board? The key is to start with a theme or concept and then use Pinterest to find related images. Simply type in keywords, phrases, or even hashtags related to your theme and voila! 

Pinterest will provide you with a treasure trove of images to choose from.

Follow Your Creative Instincts

When it comes to curating the perfect mood board, it's important to trust your instincts and follow your creative intuition. Take a look at other Pinterest users who share your interests and aesthetic preferences. By following their boards and pins, you can discover new ideas and inspiration.

Explore New Worlds of Creativity

Are you looking to become more creative? Pinterest has dozens of categories from art, design, fashion, to food, and travel. Explore these categories and subcategories to discover new ideas and inspiration for your mood board.

Discover the Unexpected

Sometimes the best ideas are the ones you never expected. Use Pinterest's "Related Pins" feature to discover new and unexpected ideas that you may have otherwise missed.

Pin It to Win It

Found an image you love on another website? No problem! Simply install the Pinterest "Pin It" button on your browser and click on it whenever you see an image you want to add to your board.

The Pros and Cons of Using Pinterest to Create a Mood Board

Pinterest is a popular platform for creating mood boards, and for good reason. Here are some of the advantages of using Pinterest:

Abundance of Images

Pinterest has a vast collection of images, making it easy to find inspiration and curate images for your mood board. With millions of users sharing their ideas and images, you can be sure to find images that match your style and theme for your Pinterest mood board.

User-Friendly Interface

Pinterest's interface is designed to be super user-friendly. You can create a mood board with very easy-to-use tools.

Easy Sharing

One of the biggest advantages of using Pinterest is the ability to easily share your Pinterest mood board. You can share your board with friends, clients, or colleagues, and even collaborate on the board together. However, there are also potential drawbacks to using Pinterest to create a mood board. Here are some of the cons to consider:

Copyright Issues

But you need to pay attention to copyright infringements. It's important to make sure that the images you add to your Pinterest mood board are either your own or are properly licensed. Otherwise, you could be at risk for legal issues.

Limited Customization

While Pinterest does offer some customization options, such as creating sections within your board, there are limitations to how much you can customize the board. If you're looking for a more personalized and unique mood board, you may need to consider other options.

Distraction from the Original Goal

Finally, it's important not to be distracted on Pinterest by all the images that can be found. To avoid this, it's important to stay focused and keep your goals in mind while creating your Pinterest mood board.

A More Easier & Creative Way to Create Mood Board - MioCreate

While Pinterest is an excellent platform for creating mood boards, there is another tool that can offer users a more intuitive and creative way to bring their ideas to life. That tool is MioCreate.

MioCreate is a mood board creation tool that offers a more straightforward and personalized way to create visually stunning mood boards. With its customization options and design tools, you can create a unique and personalized mood board that truly reflects your style and vision.


Say goodbye to the limited layouts and design options of Pinterest and say hello to MioCreate's focus on creativity and personalization. If you have any kind of idea and want to bring it to life, MioCreate is the perfect tool for you.

Don't believe us? Learn more about what MioCreate has to offer!


We've covered a lot in this article about creating mood boards on Pinterest and how it compares to MioCreate. The right one to choose from depends on what you need. If you want to easily collect a bunch of pictures from all over the internet, then Pinterest is a great choice. 

But if you want more customisation and freedom of use, MioCreate is the go to. Whether you choose Pinterest or MioCreate, just make sure you have fun creating your mood board and that it truly reflects your vision and goals.


Table of Contents