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How to Make a Venn Diagram in Google Docs/Slides: Step-by-step Guide

Create a Venn diagram in Google Docs and Slides with ease. Find the pros and cons of making Venn diagrams in Google, and explore MioCreate, a better solution.

Are you eager to advance your endeavor or presentation? In that case, you might want to think about drawing a Venn diagram. A Venn diagram is an effective instrument for comparing and contrasting various notions, ideas, or datasets. The good news is that creating one doesn't require any complicated tools. In reality, it’s quite straightforward to make a Venn diagram in Google Docs and Google Slides by following a few easy steps.

Moreover, we’ll also introduce an excellent tool that can help you accomplish this task even more quickly. So, let's get going!

Make Venn Diagram in Google Docs/Slides

Table of Contents
Pros & Cons of Making Venn Diagrams in Google
How to Make a Venn Diagram in Google Docs?
How to Make a Venn Diagram in Google Slides?
Make a Venn Diagram with MioCreate in 3 Minutes

Pros & Cons of Making Venn Diagrams in Google 

  • Google Docs and Slides are free to use and accessible to anyone with a Google account.  

  • They offer easy collaboration and sharing options, allowing multiple users to edit the same diagram simultaneously.  

  • Google Docs and Slides are intuitive and user-friendly, making them ideal for beginners.  

  • There are no templates specifically designed for Venn diagrams in Google Docs and Slides, so you will need to create your own from scratch.  

  • Google's native shapes and design options are limited, so creating a custom Venn diagram with unique shapes and colors may be challenging. 

  • Google Docs and Slides require a stable internet connection, so if your connection drops, you may lose unsaved work. 


How to Make a Venn Diagram in Google Docs?

First, we'll show you how to make a Venn diagram in google docs. There are many methods to graphically show data, including pictures, charts, diagrams, and the like. Thankfully, Venn diagram creation tools are available in Google Docs. The drawing tool can be used to make a Venn diagram even though it lacks a straight Venn diagram function.

The Making of the Shapes

>> To start, click "Insert" on the toolbar at the top of the screen, then choose "Drawing" from the dropdown option to access the drawing frame.

>> In order to make the diagram, select "+ New" a second time to open a sketching canvas over the document.

Create Venn Diagram in Google Docs - 1

>> The "Shape" button on the toolbar can be used to create shapes and add writing to them.

>> Select "Oval" from the dropdown option under "Shapes" to create a circle.

Add Venn Diagram Shape in Google Docs

To create a circular, press and hold while moving the cursor. By picking the first circular, performing a right-click, and selecting "Copy" from the menu, we can duplicate it. If you want to create a 3-circle Venn diagram, duplicate it twice.

Next, choose "Paste" by performing a right-click anywhere on the vacant area. The red guideline will show us if we've placed the second circular properly if we move it to the right.

Duplicate Circles to Make a Venn Diagram in Google Docs

Decorating Part

We must alter the hues of the figurines in order to distinguish them.

>> The "Fill color" menu option on the toolbar allows us to pick a figure and modify its fill color.

Color the Venn Diagram in Google Docs

We'll also need to modify the transparency because a Venn diagram's component hues are frequently transparent.

>> We can choose the hue we want and modify the clarity using the "Custom" option. Plus, we can select "OK" after dragging the "TRANSPARENCY" second tool to the center.

Transparent the Venn Diagram in Google Docs-1

After clicking on the “+” sign, we see another interface. So, the adjustment to the below line gives us required “TRANSPARENCY.”

Transparent the Venn Diagram in Google Docs-2

>> Now repeat the same process for the second circle to get a Venn diagram.

Draw a Venn Diagram in Google Diagram

Text and Finishing Customization

>> By using the "Text box" option on the toolbar to create a text box, we can add words to the forms. The text can then be altered by choosing it and employing the tools on the menu, which include the typeface, text size, and formatting tools. The text area can be moved to the desired location.

>> To maintain the layout, we can duplicate the text box and put it in another circle. Then, we can edit the text as necessary.

Add Text to the Venn Diagram in Google Docs

>> To finish the picture, we must combine all the components at their intersections. The text box can be duplicated, moved to the point where all the forms converge, and then filled with text to connect them.

>> Click "Save and Close" in the upper right area to save the image once we've finished modifying it. 

This is how we can use Google Docs to make a Venn diagram that is tailored to our information and requirements. Too complicated to make one? Use MioCreate Online Whiteboard to facilitate the process.

How to Make a Venn Diagram in Google Slides? 

Venn Diagram with the Shape 

It is easier than creating a Venn diagram with the Shape tool. Go ahead to enhance your skills by learning how to make a Venn diagram in google slides.

>> Click on the shape tool, which is the one with the overlapped circle and square figures.

>> Go to the Shapes category and select Oval.

Make Venn Diagram in Google Slides-1

>> It's time to start drawing the rings now. Hold down the Shift key while moving the cursor to make sure they are symmetrical.

Make Venn Diagram in Google Slides-2

Make one circular, then duplicate and transfer it as often as necessary. A three-way Venn map would resemble something like this:

Make Venn Diagram in Google Slides-3

The rings must then be given some clarity. Go to fill color > custom while selecting every element.

Make Venn Diagram in Google Slides-4

When you click the plus symbol, a page will appear. Here, you can change the transparency and hue of your Venn figure.

Make Venn Diagram in Google Slides-5

>> The Purple circle will appear like this: 

Make Venn Diagram in Google Slides-6

>> Now, we do the same for the remaining circles of the Venn diagram.

Make Venn Diagram in Google Slides-7

And there you have it - a Venn diagram created using the shape tool in Google Slides!

Make a Venn Diagram like a Pro

There's another option to create a Venn diagram directly in Google Slides. Here are the steps:

>> Go to Insert > Diagram. A new bar will appear to the right with several graphics to choose from. Go to the Relationship category and select the Venn diagram option.

Make Venn Diagram in Google Slides-8

You can indicate how many circles you want by going to the "areas" drop-down menu. Google Slides will automatically generate a new Venn diagram.

Make Venn Diagram in Google Slides-9

Choose your preferred colors for the diagram.

>> Next, add transparency to the diagram. To do this, select the Venn diagram, go to Fill color > Custom, and adjust the transparency as needed.

Now, focus on the overall design of your slides to direct your audience's attention where you want it. Take inspiration from the examples of Venn diagrams created by the MioCreate designers. 

By following these steps, you can create a professional-looking Venn diagram in no time!

Make a Venn Diagram with MioCreate in 3 Minutes

As Google has no templates for creating Venn diagrams, MioCreate offers many free templates. You can make Venn diagrams using the excellent app MioCreate in just three minutes. 

It helps create diagrams rapidly with its user-friendly layout and basic design tools that are excellent for slideshows, reports, and more. Simply choose the Venn diagram template from the available templates to get started, then pick the height and form of your circles. You can easily add names, hues, and other customization choices to make your diagram stick out with just a few clicks. 

Additionally, MioCreate provides a variety of export choices, making it simple to share your designs with coworkers or customers. MioCreate makes it quick, simple, and extremely effective to create Venn diagrams, regardless of your level of experience.


In conclusion, creating Venn diagrams in Google Docs or Slides is not a smooth process. Google Slides offers premade layouts and form tools for more modification choices, whereas Google Docs only provides a basic drawing tool for making straightforward Venn diagrams. 

In contrast, MioCreate provides a user-friendly UI and straightforward design tools that make it simple to produce professional-looking Venn diagrams in just a few minutes. Take your understanding of Venn diagrams to the next level by using MioCreate immediately!


Table of Contents