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How to Put Your Face on Another Picture in 3 Ways (Fast & Free)

Don’t know how to put your face on another picture? I’ve 3 simple solutions for your. Read to know.

If you want to know how to put your face on another picture to surprise friends or you just want to do it for any work purposes, you’re at the right place. 

Put face on another picture

So, how to do that? To simply answer this question, I would just say, use photo editors or face-swapping tools. But as all tools always work well and not all people can process photos easily, I have done a lot of research to gather some amazing high-quality face-swapping tools and apps with which you can switch your face to another picture in seconds. 

Ready to find out? Let’s jump in.

Examples of Put Your Face on Another Picture

Are you really exhausted at this point while trying a lot of different face swap tools and apps that turned into a complete failure? I totally understand the frustration. We don’t like images that look fake and edited, right? 

You want a smooth face transplant like this:

How to put face in another picture

But always get this instead:

Fail face swap

I can understand your frustration. So, when it comes how to put your face on another picture naturally and smoothly, you're trying to find some useful advices. 

So, how to put face on another picture exactly like the face swapped in this image:

Naturally swap face

Tricky question, but we’ll definitely find tips.

Tips to Naturally Put Your Face on Another Picture 

How to put your face on another picture completely naturally? Here are some useful trickies (and I've tried):

#1- Choose the right image

  • You need to make sure that the pictures you select are right and well-lit. 

Dark images hide facial features to some extent, so it's always better to use pictures that are clear and lit enough. 

  • You need to choose pictures with proper head angles, plus facial expressions should also be similar. 

Your results wouldn’t be accurate if both pictures had very different angles.

I know you desperately want an answer to ‘how to put your face on another picture online’. But you need to pay attention to these tips and details first. Otherwise, you can’t expect a smooth face swap, if in one picture a person is standing so far and is happy, while in the other picture, a person is crying and is sitting. Make sure both pictures have the same expressions and head angles. 

  • Resolution matters a lot, so make sure your images are in HD quality.

You should remind yourself of before choosing pictures for face swapping is that you need to only select those pictures that are highly defined. 

#2- Edit it until it’s Perfect 

In order to naturally put your face in another picture, you better adjust your images first. If you want to put your face on a body that has a different skin tone, you need to adjust the skin tone, so that it won’t look fake. Also, take care of the hair color and all other details. 

But luckily you have got amazing AI face swapper that take care of this thing and adjust the details so that your image looks real.

#3- Use Proper Face Editing Tool

If you want to swap faces, there is no need to worry, because you’ve got so many affordable options to do it. 

You can use proper photo editors such as Photoshop, or you can use apps on your mobile phone such as Face Me, and Reface. And if you want a tool that can do all things on its own without any other manually adjustment, you must consider an AI face swapper.

Free Face Swapper by MioCreate
Unleash your creativity with a free AI face swapper. Feel the magic of AI to change faces in photos, videos, and GIFs.
Free Swap Face Now

Method 1. Put Your Face Into Another Picture Online For Free

If you want to put your face on another picture easily and completely free of cost without the need for any technical or design knowledge and skills, you should consider using MioCreate Free Face Swap

How to put face on another picture

You’re going to love its simple interface, plus MioCreate Face Swap doesn't overwhelm you with too many steps. You are going to get your face-swapped photo in 3 basic steps. Also, it doesn’t charge a penny, but the results are extra defined and look natural.

How to Use it:

So, how to put your face on another picture while using Miocreate? Here are steps:

Step 1.  Visit MioCreate Face Swap Site;

Step 2.  Select and Upload Photos;

 Upload a picture with which you want to swap face:

Swap face stepsNow you need to upload the picture that has your face:

Step to change face

Step 3.  Click “Swap Face Now” and Wait for Seconds

Way to swap face

Then you will get a perfect face swapped photo:

How to change face on another picture

Method 2. Cut-and-Paste to Put Your Face Into A Picture

Professional photo editor

It's obvious that Photoshop is still the best professional photo editor. So if you're familiar with the tool and need detailed photo editing, you can try to cut and paste face by yourself with Photoshop.

But, photoshop face swapping can be hard for beginners, because first of all, you have to learn skills or even invest enough time and money. Secondly, you will have to take care of every single detail on your own. And last, if you want to batch photo swap processing, then you may have to edit them one-by-one manually.

How to Use it:

Step 1. Download the Adobe Photoshop and install it on your PC;

Step 2. Choose the image you want to change face;

Step 3. Open the photo and use the "Pen" tool to select the face;

Step 4. Cut the face;

Step 5. Open another picture and paste the face;

Step 6. Adjust some details like angle, shadow, and light;

Step 7. Process more details: smooth the edges, set proper color contrast, adjust brightness, etc.

Method 3. Replace Your Face Simply on Mobile (Android & iPhone)

Best Android Face Changer: Face Me

How to put face on another picture on android

If you want to replace your face on android mobile, you must consider Face Me - AI Art Photo editor. It smoothly edits your images and swaps faces in seconds.

Rate & Review

In terms of ratings and reviews, people overall love the quality of their images, because no doubt Face Me is a cool app that turns your images into something very aesthetic and dreamy. 

Put face on another photo by android app

But the only concern every user has is about the annoying ads at each step. Also as the ads don’t have any skip option, people are very tired of seeing them again and again while wasting a lot of their time.

User review on swapping face app

How to Use it

Want to know how to put your face on another picture android? Here are the steps:

Step 1. Download the app and create an account;

Step 2.  Select the ‘Swap Face Now’ option;

App to change face

Step 3.  Upload two pictures as shown;

Swap face app

Step 4.  Click on it, submit and see the results.

Face changed on app

But you might have to wait for so long because of the ads, but the results would be worth waiting for. 

Best iOS Face Replacer: Reface

How to change face on ios

How to put your face on another picture app if you use an iPhone? Well, you must consider using Reface Face Swap AI generator. Reface ensures quality edits. It doesn’t provide high-quality smooth face swaps like Miocreate or other face swap tools, but it can be used as an alternative to Face Me.

Rate And Review

Swap face on iOS

People love the quality edits, but the only thing is that they don’t like how the app shows errors whenever they want to edit a picture or a video, even after buying the pro version.

User review on ios face swap app

How to Use it:

Step 1. Download the app;

Step 2.  Choose the swap face options;

Step 3.  Select two pictures and submit them;

Step 4.  Wait for the app to swap the faces;

Step 5.  See the results and share it with your friends.

You have to watch ads for free trail on Face Me and pay for Reface, so, how to put your face on another picture online for complately FREE? Just consider using MioCreate AI Face Swap, which is availabe for all devices and totally FREE.

Bonus: How to Put Your Face Naturally in a Group Photo?

So you’ve got your answer about how to put your face on another picture online, but what if I tell you that you can swap faces in group photos too? Sounds amazing!

How to put your face on a group photo

But before swapping faces, you must know why swap faces in group photos.

Why swap faces in group photos?

Sometimes, we can't attend friends' parties or family reunion, it's very pity that we can't appear in those happy moments. But with AI Multiple Face Swap, you can join the group photos to surprise your friends and family.

Also, you can use it for other official purposes. Or if you own a meme page, you must swap faces in group photos. It makes memes more funny and entertaining.

Also Read: How to Create Funny Face Swap Memes in Seconds >>

Steps Guide with MioCreate Multiple Face Swap

In order to swap faces in group photos, you can follow steps belowing:

Step 1. Visite MioCreate Multiple Face Swap page;

Step 2. Upload a friends or family group photo;

How to swap face on group pictures

Step 3. MioCreate AI will analyze the photo and then show the faces could be replaced.

Swap face on a family photo

Step 4. Select the face you want to replace and upload your photo;

You see the plus sign with every face, you can add your image to any of the plus signs and your face will be swapped with the selected face in that group photo.

Put face on another group picture

Step 5. Click "Swap Face Now"

You can see the instant results. No one will be able to notice if the image is fake because of the smooth swap.

Face swapped on group photos


Now there you know how to put your face on another picture! No matter professinal processer like photoshop or smart AI face swappers, you can select the best tool for your face replacing in pictures.
Don't be afraid to try and have fun with the face changing process. You can create easy edits to share with friends or even use it to fix a photo where someone wasn't quite camera-ready. So, start to grab your favorite pictures and get face swapping from MioCreate NOW !

Free Face Swapper by MioCreate
Unleash your creativity with a free AI face swapper. Feel the magic of AI to change faces in photos, videos, and GIFs.
Free Swap Face Now
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