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Online Seating Chart Maker for Classroom & Wedding [Tutorial]

For figuring out the best arrangement for the classroom, a wedding, and a band. The best way is to plan them in advance with the help of seat chart makers. Check this page for relevant info.

The arrangement of seats really matters when you want your events, guests, and friends gathered in great harmony. To achieve this goal, you need to spend some time thinking about the best arrangement of seats for the best proceeding of events. Since a scientific and overall arrangement can very much help with the atmosphere. 

This methodology is super effective for special events including weddings, band contests, AND regular scenarios like teachers impart to students in classrooms. So, how to arrange the best seat? Is there any trump card that perfectly deals with all the scenarios? Actually, it is when you have relevant templates to come by. This page will give you an utterly free online seating chart maker with templates to help you effortlessly create a standard seat chart for all situations.

Table of Contents
What Can You Do with an Online Seat Chart Maker
How to Use Templates to Make Seat Charts?
The Advantages of Online Seat Chart Maker
Do You Need A Random Seat Chart Generator?

Seating Chart Maker Online Free

What Can You Do with a Seat Chart Maker?

Keep your friends close for the best reaction, and separate teenager cliques to maintain a good classroom atmosphere. Make a circle of your audience to promise the best deliverance of a Band Contest. The art of arrangement can only be felt rather than seen. 

Here are some important events in your life that can be improved very much with careful seat management. 


#1. Wedding seat chart

If it is your first wedding (just joking), then the seat thing can give you a good challenge since you need to face the problems below:

1. Parents' seat/VIP seats

2. Keep your friends close

3. Your parents’ friends

4. Organize guests by their attributes

5. Do you need to arrange a Kid Table or not

6. Special tables for matchmaking old colleagues and classmates


Wedding Seat Chart Example

Trust me, an out-of-box wedding seat chart that is used by experienced couples is the only way out. Where to get one? Well, you can jump to the next part for inspiration.

#2. Classroom seat chart

When the seat management once correlate with education, then you definitely won’t be able to figure out a perfect plan since so many factors are involved:

1. The clarity of sound that spreads from the platform to every corner of the classroom

2. Who should sit together/who should sit apart (The cliques should be scattered)

3. Different templates of seats may have different effects on kids’ study

4. Students’ parents may have special requirements on the seat thing arrangement

Seating Chart Maker For Classroom

You needn’t try the most scientific arrangements and experiment with the pros and cons one by one. Experienced teachers have already tried some scientific seat chart templates and uploaded them to an online seating chart maker. If you wish to select some as your seating chart draft, you can refer to the tutorial in the following section to get inspired.

#3. Band seat chart

Very much the same case with the classroom seat chart arranging problem, the clarity of listening is the key. Besides, there are some extra problems you need to consider in planning seats in band contests.

1. Separately settle the bands and audiences

2. Circle-like seat arrangement is a thoughtful idea 

3. Adjust the left and right speaker to find the best position for the audiences

4. Check whether some special seats are suffering from bad echos if you are in a hall

Band Seat Arrangement Chart

If you have similar puzzles listed above, you can enter the next part for useful solutions - by adopting scientific band seat chart templates offered by an online seat chart maker.

How to Use Templates to Make Seat Charts?

An online seating chart maker is an optimum option especially when you don’t have a mature plan in your head. The colorful templates dealing with all types of scenarios shall easily address all your demands. Now let’s check out how can MioCreate online whiteboard quickly help you on creating seat charts for classrooms, weddings, band contests, and theatres. 

  • MioCreate Introduction

MioCreate is a handy online whiteboard designed for solving all kinds of problems that have things to do with diagrams, flowcharts, UI designs, and mind maps. There are tons of out-of-box templates for you to choose from. All you need to do is fill in your content and everything will be settled in 5 minutes. 

Much more convenient is that you can co-edit the chart with others in real-time through the audio communication function. 

  • How to Use This Online Whiteboard to Make Seat Charts?

Step 1. Register MioCreate. Your Google account is supported, so it is a one-click operation.

Step 2. Select your favorite templates from the MioCreate gallery before you get started making your seating chart.

Templates Search

Step 3. A subtle adjustment on the template is needed to meet your condition. After that, you can fill in your content - names, numbers, and notations, to make your chart fleshed out.

Step 4. Now you can invite others to edit your chart online. MioCreate will auto-save your changes while making your edit visible to everyone on the same project.

Miocreate  whiteboard Makes  Charts And Diagrams

  • Dos and Don’ts in Making Seat Charts

  1. Make sure the important roles are seated in the best places
  2. Collect your friends’ wishes and apply them
  3. Make sure the names and numbers are labled obviously
  4. Leave room for unforseen changes 
  5. Avoid intense info in your chart

The Advantages of Online Seating Chart

Excel is actually a brilliant free method to make seating charts. But without templates, the arduous journey of adding rectangles, adjusting positions, dragging, and drawing can kill every fresh hand. So the better option is an all-in-one online seating chart maker that offers templates.

Online seating chart vs seat chart software

An online seat chart maker saves you from the back-and-forth transmission of files especially when the job of making seats involves more than one person.

MioCreate is built for team workflow. Compared with dull offline software, it offers users multiple features including:

1. Cursor positioning edit when team members work on the same board.

2. Online audio communication - avoid misunderstandings.

3. A Complete toolkit to make your chart look pro.

Do You Need a Random Seat Chart Generator?

A group of readers of this page may need a random seat generator to produce an auto chart for events later. Typing in the list of names and the seat generator will automatically arrange a random seat for them. This type of tool can be seen everywhere on the Internet.

If you are planning for a warm-up activity before an event, then it is perfectly okay to introduce a random seat chart generator to scatter all the participants. If your occasion needs some fixed arrangements - wedding or classroom, then you are not bothered to seek a random seat chart generator.


MioCreate is an optimum seating chart maker for those who need templates to create their seat charts. If you want a complicated chart maker that requires a learning curve, this page will give an easy and one-click solution to address your problem. Please feel free to leverage MioCreate’s templates to fast build your own seating charts.


Table of Contents