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How to Make a Venn Diagram in PowerPoint? [Updated 2023]

Creating a Venn Diagram in Powerpoint is quite simple and easy. Following the simple steps, you can create a Venn Diagram PowerPoint and show complex data

If you're looking to present complex data in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand way, Venn Diagram is a great tool to have in your arsenal. Venn diagrams are a popular way to show the relationship between different sets of data and can be a powerful addition to any PowerPoint presentation. 

In this article, we will help you to learn how to make a Venn Diagram in Powerpoint. By the end, you'll have the skills you need to create eye-catching and informative diagrams that will engage your audience and help convey your message effectively. So, let's get started!

How To Make A Venn Diagram In Powerpoint

Table of Contents
What Is a Venn Diagram? Why Use It in PowerPint?
How to Make Venn Diagram in PowerPoint? 2 Ways Shared
Quickly Create a Venn Diagram with MioCreate

What Is a Venn Diagram? Why Use It in PowerPint? 

A Venn Diagram is a graphical representation of sets that shows the relationship between them. It was introduced by John Venn in the late 19th century and has since become a popular tool for organizing and analyzing data. The diagram consists of two, three or more overlapping circles, with each circle representing a set of data. The overlapping areas represent the elements that belong to more than one set. So learning how to create a Venn Diagram can be helpful for anyone. 

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PowerPoint Venn Diagram Example

Why use it in PowerPoint?

  • Creating a PowerPoint Venn Diagram is particularly effective at illustrating the similarities and differences between different groups or categories of data. This can be useful for identifying patterns, trends, and correlations that might not be immediately obvious from raw data.

  • Using Venn Diagrams makes complex information more accessible and easier to understand.

How to Make Venn Diagram in PowerPoint?

There are two basic ways to make a Venn Diagram PowerPoint. Let's how you can use both ways to create Venn Diagram in PowerPoint. 

#1. Create a Venn Diagram in PowerPoint Based on One Circle

Step 1 Insert the Circle Shapes to Start a Venn Diagram

> Open PowerPoint and create a new slide.

> Go to the “Insert” tab and click on the “Shapes” button.

> Select the “Circle” shape and draw it on the slide.

> Press and hold the “Shift” key and draw two more circles of the same size.

Draw More Circles to Create Venn Diagram in PowerPoint

Step 2 Place the Venn Diagram Evenly on the PowerPoint Slide and Make it Transparent.

> Select all three circles by clicking on one and holding the “Shift” key while clicking on the other two.

> Go to the “Format” tab and click on the “Align” button.

> Choose “Align Center” and “Align Middle” to place the circles evenly on the slide.

> Select all three circles and go to the “Format” tab and click on the “Shape Fill” button, Choose “No Fill” to make the circles transparent.

Place Circles of Venn Diagram PowerPoint at the Right Position

Step 3 Add Headers, Icons, and Text

> Add text boxes to each circle and fill them with the headers, icons, and body text.

> Adjust the colors and transparency of the text boxes as needed.

Step 4 Add Centered Text

> Insert a text box in the center of the circles and add the centered text.

Adding Text to the Venn Diagram  PowerPoint

You can check the video tutorial here for more details:

#2. Make One with the Help of Venn Diagram PowerPoint Template

Step 1 Open a new PowerPoint slide and click on the “Insert” tab at the top of the screen. From the "Illustrations" group, select "SmartArt."

Create the Venn Diagram  Powerpoint Using Template

Step 2 In the SmartArt gallery, select the "Relationship" category and choose the "Basic Venn" graphic.

Create Venn Diagram Powerpoint Using Premade Templates

Step 3 A new slide will appear with the Venn Diagram. You can now edit the Venn diagram by clicking on each of the circles or text boxes and adding or removing text as needed. You can also add additional circles or text boxes by clicking on the "Add Shape" button in the SmartArt Tools tab.

Adding Text to the Venn Diagram Powerpoint 

Step 4 To change the colors of the Venn Diagram, click on the "Change Colors" button in the SmartArt Tools tab. You can choose from pre-set color schemes or customize the colors to your liking.

Step 5 To add a title to your Venn Diagram Powerpoint, click on the slide and type in your desired title. You can also add any additional text or graphics as needed.

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Step 6 Once you have completed your Venn Diagram, save your PowerPoint presentation by clicking on "File" and then "Save."

If you want to make the diagram more flexible, it is recommended that you convert it to shapes. This will allow you to add whatever you want to the diagram and customize it even further. You can use the Venn diagram PowerPoint template to get your desired result without any hassle. 

Quickly Create a Venn Diagram with MioCreate

Are you looking for a more easy way to create a Venn Diagram? Then you can try MioCreate.  You can use MioCreate diagrams, arrows, and templates to plan out a project. 


With MioCreate, you can easily break down complicated concepts and simplify them into clear and easily understandable Venn diagrams. The tool provides a range of flexible templates that allow you to create diagrams you like. A Venn diagram is just a piece of cake.

Using directional arrows, you can connect each step of your process to create a clear visual representation of the entire process. Compared with making a Venn diagram in Powerpoint, MioCreate enables others to add comments, notes, and annotations to your diagrams, which help you provide additional context and clarity to your process.

How to Create a Venn Diagram together with others with MioCreate?

Step 1 Create a whiteboard on MioCreate and choose a Venn Diagram template you like to get started.

Step 2 Add content to fill the diagram

Step 3 Share the Venn Diagram with others to get comments or invite people to complete it together. It’s that simple. 


Creating a Venn Diagram in PowerPoint is an effective way to visually represent complex data and show the relationships between different groups. There are multiple methods to create Venn diagrams, including using the SmartArt graphic and the Merge Shape option.  Remember to keep it simple and use clear and concise text to convey your message effectively. If you have no idea about how to create a Venn Diagram PowerPoint or want to create a diagram quickly, try MioCreate. The platform offers an easy and simple way to create stunning Venn Diagrams more quickly. 

Table of Contents