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Wireframing User Flow - Find Tutorial and Templates in 3 Minutes

This page tells readers how to create a wireframing user flow with free templates on an online whiteboard. Click to see the details in making a complete wireframes user flow.

In the process of making UX or UI design, experienced designers know there are some ultra methodologies that can boost the process. Saying the user flow and wireframing user flow. Make the best advantage of the two diagrams, anyone can effortlessly grasp the demands of users as well as the core notes in designing a software interface.

The two types of mapping are both indispensable and shall not be intermingled. This page will emphasize the latter one - wireframing user flow, telling you exactly how to do it & where to quickly produce a template of it. 

Let’s dive in!

Example Of Wireframing User Flow

Table of Contents
User Flow vs Wireframes
Why Use Wireframes in UX Designs
How to Make Wireframes with Online Whiteboard?
Real Simulation of Making Wireframes

User Flow vs Wireframes: What's the Difference?

Many designers are confused about whether to lead a user flow mapping or execute a wireframing user flow. What they do not know is that both are so important in the early stage of designing an App or a website. And the time point of making the 2 flows also matters too.

User Flow:

To figure out all the possible demands, clear the path for the subsequent prototype, and finally, create a flawless product that solves real user problems, we should lead a user flow first. 

A complete round of user flow includes some methods - ‘Analogies’, ‘Bodystorming’, ‘Brainstorming’, ‘Challenging Assumptions’, ‘Reverse Thinking’, and ‘Mindmapping’. 

What follows are some other steps including ‘Research’, ‘Planning’, ‘Designing’, and ‘Testing’.

Wireframes Flow:

Wireframes flow indicates the most detailed realization of your ideations. Some low-fidelity interfaces will appear in wireframing flows to let you future-pace the real product. By presenting the static interfaces to your market/product manager colleagues, they will instantly know if that’s what they want or not. 

Good wireframes show what elements should be involved and what actions they should trigger. 

Now you must have a deeper understanding of User Flow and Wireframes Flow. Let’s enter the next part and see what benefits Wireframes User Flow manages to offer.

Wireframes User Flow’s Advantages in UX Design

Make the best use of Wireframes user flow, you and your colleagues can quickly get straight to the point, figuring out the core tasks about to finish. 

#1. Wireframes clarify the features

By selecting the key screens, to some degree, the most important features are decided too. And in some situations, the names of features cannot be totally understood with just words. And wireframes can easily show your customers how your product is functioning.

#2. Wireframes manifest the usability

A properly designed wireframe user flow shows the first-stage layouts of your website or product. You and your colleagues can learn the color, skeleton, and interactions without plain imagination.

#3. Time saver

The blueprint of your product or website will straightforwardly show you which page/interface is the most important one. And the creation of content and other workflows shall find their focus.

How to Make Wireframes User Flow on an Online Whiteboard?

To make wireframing user flow, firstly you need templates to quickly create some structures. Then you and your colleague need a collaborative tool to work together. 

MioCreate Online Whiteboard is such a convenient prototyping tool for you and your designer colleagues. It not only provides free templates for you to quickly build up the product interface and make connections between each page. And It is super friendly for online collaboration workflow.

Core Advantages of MioCreate Whiteboard:

1. Online meeting room for 20 people at most

2. Wireframing templates free to choose

3. Cursor positioning to show you and your team members’ actions on the board

4. No download, 100% free

Here is a simple tutorial for making a wireframing user flow:

Step 1. Register MioCreate with your Google account.

Step 2. Navigate to MioCreate’s stunning Templates Gallery and search for ‘wireframing user flow templates’. Find your favorite one and apply it to your new whiteboard.

Templates Search

Step 3. Invite the members of your team to work on the project simultaneously.

Step 4. Host a prompt meeting anytime to address problems.


Real Simulation for Making Wireframing User Flow

To make a detailed wireflow for no matter mobile app or website, there are 3 things you must be prepared to ensure nothing is omitted. The task flow takes form in words. The selection of key screens and finally the connection between screens. 

#1. The task flow of users.

This is the very first step of painting your apps or websites with pure words. Consider the sequences and goals of your product and gradually map out the possible needs and latent problems in a user journey. 

#2. The selection of key screens.

Figuring out the start point and end point in the user journey, trying to find the most important screens (the core feature screen or payment screen). If you plan to make a dating app, then the key screens shall be the register page, the core feature pages (swiping, searching, messaging), and the CTA page (how do you sell your membership or subscription). Most of your 

#3. The connection between screens.

Build low-fidelity screens and make interactions between your screens. This is basically when you should make the first version of your prototype, make some primary data flow diagram and let your colleagues know what your product is about.


This page explains the importance of leveraging wireframing user flow to streamline your design processes. And actually, finding a good template is an easy and simple start for your first-stage blueprint. MioCreate is a versatile online whiteboard that offers a powerful platform for remote workflow. The designing feature is pretty impressive too, with which anyone can create exquisite prototyping with templates. Please feel free to use it!


Table of Contents