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Visualize Your Ideas: A Complete Guide to Creating Flowchart in PowerPoint

Learn how to create a flowchart in PowerPoint using SmartArt graphics, shape library or flowchart make. Follow these easy steps to make a stunning flowchart.

A flowchart is a diagram that shows the steps in a process or workflow in a visual way. You can convey complex information simply and succinctly by creating a PowerPoint flowchart. In the flowchart, you can use simple shapes, arrows, or symbols to represent detailed or complex information in multiple steps. In this post, you will learn how to create flowchart in PowerPoint using SmartArt graphics, a shape library, and another software called MioCreate. By the conclusion, you'll be able to design polished flowcharts that will improve your presentations. let's get into the main material without wasting any minutes!

Create Flowchart In Powerpoint

Table of Contents
Create a Flowchart in PowerPoint with Shape Library
Create a Flowchart in PowerPoint Using SmartArt Graphics
How to Create a Flowchart Within 3 Minutes - Miocreate
Supercharge Your Flowchart Creation in PowerPoint: Expert Tips and Tricks

Create a Flowchart in PowerPoint with Shape Library

Flowcharts can be made through the shape library in PowerPoint. Shape library is considered one of the useful tools for creating flowcharts as it provides great flexibility and command over layout and designs. You can customize your flowchart through the shape library and use connectors and shapes from various options according to flowchart shape meanings. Following is a detailed guide to help you understand the creation of flowcharts through the shape library to improve your next flowchart presentation.

Step 1. Insert the shapes
Open PowerPoint, click the Insert tab on the PowerPoint menu and choose shapes. After clicking the tab, a drop-down menu will pop up showing a variety of shape opens. Go through every option and select the one that best represents the process of your content or information. To draw each shape, click and drag it onto the slide. Resize and position them to fit your flowchart's logical sequence.Flowchat In Powerpoint Insert

Step 2. Insert Connecting Lines
After adding the shapes, connect them together through lines. It is necessary to show a vivid visual representation of the flowchart. Go to the shapes through insert tabs, and select the appropriate arrows or connectors for your flowchart. The next step is to link the shapes the desired way, click and drag from the connecting points on each shape. As you draw the forms, the lines will automatically correct for and align with them.

Step 3. Label Your Lines and Shapes 
Labeling the lines and shapes with relevant text will help people better understand your flowchart. This step gives your viewers context and clarity. Here's how to give your flowchart labels. 
Pick a line or form for your flowchart. Select "Add Text" from the context menu by right-clicking the chosen shape or line. Enter the suitable text here to describe the particular action or choice. For each shape and line in your flowchart, repeat this procedure.Flowchart In Powerpoint Labels

Step 4. Customize Your Flowchart
After completing the above steps, you have already created your flowchart. You can also modify the shapes and lines by changing their colors, line style, or thickness. To do so, select the particular shape or line and right-click to get access to different formatting options. 

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Create a Flowchart in PowerPoint Using SmartArt Graphics

You can make a very interactive flowchart in PowerPoint with SmartArt. It has clip art images that can be modified to some extent through additional elements.SmartArt offers already-made flowchart templates making this way more convenient and faster. Through SmartArt, you dont have the leverage to customize the flowchart. However, it is the safest option if you want to get done with your flowchart quicker. Following is the guide through which you can learn how to create  flowchart in PowerPoint using SmartArt.

Step 1. Choose a SmartArt Graphic Layout or Template
Click Insert in the PowerPoint menu and select SmartArt. There, select the graphic among various options for your flowchart. The most used and standard SmartArt graphics are cycle, process, lists, relationship, and hierarchy sections. Flowchart In Powerpoint Choose Smartshape

Step 2. Add Text and Shapes
The next step is to enter the shapes and texts into the SmartArt Graphics. This step ensures the process of making the flowchart more composite and cohesive. You can add shapes by selecting SmartArt and then choosing Add shapes by clicking the button in the toolbar's upper left corner. 

Step 3. Customize Your Flowchart
You can enhance the visual appearance of the flowchart by customizing it using SmartArt.  Use the “SmartArt design” and “format” tabs to change the color scheme, diagram types, and individual shape or text color and font, respectively. Flowchart In Powerpoint Custume Smartshape

How to Create a Flowchart Within 3 Minutes - Miocreate

Now, You have already learned how to create a flowchart in PowerPoint through SmartArt Graphics and Shapes Library. One other that is more effective, easy, and innovative: MioCreate. It is an online software that has multiple advantages and intuitive features. MioCreate provides an online whiteboard. You can collaborate with your teammates to work on your flowchart through the online whiteboard instead of working on it alone. Following is the process to use the Miocreate effectively:


Step 1. Choose a template or start from scratch
Sign in to the MioCreate and choose templates through the enormous options available in MioCreate.

You can also start from scratch to customize your flowchart according to your interest and requirements.Flowchart Miocreate Templates

Step 2. Add Text, Shapes or Connecting Lines
To construct the flowchart more appealing, integrate text, shapes, and connecting lines. MioCreate provides a wide variety of shapes and connectors to customize flowcharts. Moreover, it has a very easy-to-use interface making it easily accessible to everyone.Flowchart In Powerpoint Text

Step 3. Style and customize Your Flowchart
Format your Flowchart respective to your preference to make it more cohesive and informative. MioCreate has ample options for interactive shapes, symbols, texts, and colors. You can share it with your teammates so everyone is on the same page, and your project could emerge out the best of all. Flowchart In Powerpoint Mio Custom

Supercharge Your Flowchart Creation in PowerPoint: Expert Tips and Tricks

●   Use the grid lines to align your shapes and connectors:
 Powerpoint offers features like gridline, which can help you to align and synchronize the shapes and connectors in the flowchart. It helps achieve a flowchart's aesthetical look, making it more visually attractive and interactive. It also keeps the layout and consistency of the flowchart clean and clear.

Choose the correct symbols for each step of your process:
 When mastering the skill of how to create flowchart in PowerPoint, you must know the importance of implementing the right symbols which correlate with your process and information. For instance, You can use diamond symbols for decisions, rectangles for processes, and arrows to represent the flow between multiple steps. 

● Use consistent colors and styles for your shapes and connectors:
 Colors and style bring out the visual harmony of the flowchart. Through the proper color coordination and style, viewers can engage in the presentation and thus easily understand the information targeted for them. PowerPoint has many colors and sizes for shapes and connectors; dig out the best of them to make your presentation appealing and distinguishing.Create Flowchart In Powerpoint Color

Add text sparingly and avoid long sentences:
To keep the viewers engaged and the flowchart decluttered, integrate concise and focused text in the shapes. It is best to avoid long sentences as they take up much space, making Flowchart look congested and unappealing.

Use a flowchart maker with PowerPoint integration:
There are also better ways to use PowerPoint more effectively. One can integrate a software like MioCreate in PowerPoint to produce seamless results. MioCreate offers extensive features which can be utilized to create interactive and superlative flowchart presentations. Furthermore, you can share/export your work t google workspace and Microsoft Office.


PowerPoint is a great tool to represent complex and extensive information beautifully and easily through flowcharts. In this article, an extensive guide has been provided on how to create flowcharts in PowerPoint using SmartArt Graphic and shapes library. Dedicated and innovative tools like MioCreate, with ample distinctive and convenient features, have also been mentioned. Let your game boost by using these guides, tips, tricks, and intuitive tools like MioCreate to make your next flowchart the best flowchart!

Table of Contents