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Figma Flowchart Tutorial - 10 Skills of Making Flowchart Online

Using Figma’s whiteboard - FigJam to create flow charts is a wise choice. This tutorial for making flowchart in FigJam will show you the operations and tricks to quickly produce your own charts.

Figma is one of the best online collaborative platforms to make prototypes, UI design, and software data flow. Yet 80% of the readers who want to make a flowchart online may make a mistake. They turn to Figma’s prototyping board and feel hard to proceed since there is no out-of-box flow chart template to have a quick start. 

As a matter of fact, you need to install 3rd party plugins to fast create the structure of your flowchart. You don’t need to go that far, there is a much more handy whiteboard developed by Figma for making flowcharts, brainstorming modes, diagrams, and mood boards - the FigJam.

Let’s see this special ‘Figma flowchart tutorial’ and pick one suitable template for your flowchart.

Cover Of Figma Flowchart Tutorial

Table of Contents
Figma or FigJam Flowchart Maker?
How to Make Flowchart with Figma? Tutorial
More Collaborative Whiteboard for Teams
Extra 5 Skills of FigJam

What Is Figma Flowchart? Figma or FigJam?

Figma is more useful for making prototypes. But for making flowcharts no matter for your business plan or software development, actually, FigJam is what you are looking for! You may be puzzled about the relationship between the two online whiteboards and here is a simple explanation:

Well, they belong to the same company yet they serve different purposes. You can take FigJam as Figma’s feature page which is particularly separated for making brainstorming ideas, flowcharts, and diagrams. FigJam is a much simpler and more intuitive whiteboard that is embedded with fewer features compared with Figma.

But it can quickly help with the fast creation of brainstorming, mind maps, process flow charts, and data flow diagrams. Let’s see how to use Figma & FigJam to create a flowchart and you will see the huge difference between the two tools.

How to Make Figma Flowchart? Tutorial!

if you wish to make flowcharts with templates. It is the FigJam that you should turn to, which provides tons of templates that deal with various scenarios ranging from business flow charts, mind maps, and seating charts to data flow charts. 

So, this Figma flowchart tutorial (actually it is a FigJam flowchart tutorial) will tell you how to use the sibling online whiteboard of Figma to create seamless flow charts.

Templates are the key to fast creating 

  • For personal flowchart:

Step 1. To make Figma flowchart, firstly you need to register Figma.

Step 2. Employ a template on your FigJam whiteboard.

No matter you want a social media content posting flowchart or a business flow chart, you can find relative templates from FigJam.Figjam Flowchart Template

Step 3. Feel free to visit the FigJam community to browse more templates. Some templates may require a pro membership but most are free.

Step 4. Enrich your blank flowchart with premade content. You don’t need to make every detail as perfect as possible since a whiteboard features low fidelity - it is the process of ideation that matters.

  • For making flowcharts as a team member:

The 4 steps in ‘Figma flowchart tutorial’ above are approximate all the work you need to do on FigJam for creating a flowchart. But what if you and your team members need to collaborate and make a flowchart together? Here is the tutorial:

Step 1. Use the ‘Vote’ feature to decide which template you want. This feature is super useful when you and your co-worker does not in the same place.

The Vote Feature In Figjam

Step 2. Simultaneously working on the same flowchart, enriching your structure with discussed content.

Step 3. Comment on your colleague’s content and wait for their responses in real-time.

Step 4. Give real-time interactions with your colleague's decisions.

[Figma Flowchart Tutorial] More FigJam Whiteboard Flaws You Don't Know

Make Flowchart With Figma Or Figjam

#1. FigJam charges more for the templates.

The exquisite templates you love are always locked and need to pro license to unblock. And the price it takes to unlock a license, either for an individual or for a larger-scale company, is quite expensive.

#2. Compared with other online whiteboard that serves teams, FigJam lacks many features.

FigJam’s competent alternatives offer audio chatting features, online meeting room features, and other useful collaborative functions.

#3. FigJam cannot work offline.

This is the most complained problem for most users. But this problem can be an advantage to those who hate to download 3rd party software from the Internet, considering that malware and malicious viruses are all over.

Another Online Flowchart Whiteboard with Meeting Room Feature

Here in this part, you can see a tutorial for a more collaborative free online whiteboard as the alternative for FigJam. MioCreate integrates more features that its competitors shared in this market and what’s even better is that it adds more needed functions for creating business flowcharting, software date flowcharts, and more scenarios.


  • 5 Extra Useful Features Offered by MioCreate for Seamless Remote Collaboration

1. Comment on any dots and shapes

2. Arrange your flow chart with remote team members with microphone speakers.

3. Join an online meeting room to quickly address tough problems together.

4. Show your ideas to the rest of the team by PRESENTing.

5. Strict member management system to promise the secrecy of your project

  • How to make a flowchart with MioCreate Whiteboard?

Step 1. Register MioCreate. Google account is supported and this step takes less than 15 seconds.

Step 2. Create your flowchart by leveraging a template from MioCreate’s stunning gallery.

Templates Search

Step 3. Slightly adjust the shapes and connectors to make it your own flowchart.

Step 4. Enrich your flowchart with content with your team members. The online meeting feature is always prepared if you have problems to address together.

Join The Voice Chatting Room To Discuss Details

‘FigJam Flowchart Tutorial’ - Most Useful 5 Flowchart Skills You Must Know

#1. Make the best advantage of Figma community resources.

The Figma community is a great place where all types of templates, plugins, and widgets are stored. You can add many special 

#2. Fast add circles and squares.

Edit your current flow chart by pressing ‘O’ which represents Circle and ‘R’ which represents a rectangle on your keyboard. 

#3. Change the color of the connector lines

For dividing different flows, you can add points and arrows (even labels) to make the conjunctions between two dots look different.

#4. You can totally transmit the flow chart to Figma

Simply copy and paste to move your FigJam project to Figma.

#5. Copy and Paste to relocate your flowchart to Figma

Once your flow chart is moved to Figma, you can decorate it with Figma’s basic function. Lock, unlock. Group, ungroup. 


This Figma flowchart tutorial is an intuitive instruction for those who want to make flow charts with skills. Actually, with templates, anyone can make creative flowcharts for any scenario - business, software development, seating chart, etc. MioCreate is a powerful alternative to FigJam given its stunning function of online collaborative tools. Please feel free to try these 2 online whiteboards to make your own logical and vivid flow charting!


Table of Contents