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Planner Calendar Online – Make Your Life & Work Organized

A planner calendar online can work wonders for students and team members by structuring their daily, weekly, and monthly routines, in a more effective manner.

Do you keep missing important appointments because it slipped your mind? Or have you always messed up the timing of important meetings? With hectic lives and busy schedules, it is quite natural to be in this predicament. That is exactly why you need a planner calendar so you can create a schedule to make your life easier. This guide gives you a functional and easily come-by method that requires no download or installation - the planner calendar online!

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Table of Contents
What Is a Planner Calendar Online?
Benefits of a Planner Calendar Online
How to Make Planner Calendar Online with a Whiteboard
How to Manage the Content - Inspirations


What Is a Planner Calendar Online?

A calendar online planner is a tool that efficiently helps with your time management. No more missing after-class tasks, meetings, social media content posting or appointments! It is extremely convenient to add a meeting or appointment, make notes for priority tasks, or even share the online calendar with someone. A planner calendar online spares you the hassle of calling someone, checking their schedule, and then deciding on a time and date. There are two kinds of online planners such as:

#1. Online Weekly Planner

There are multiple templates that let you plan for the week ahead. You can use it to mark appointments, set weekly goals, create a to-do list to finish during the week, and much more. You can make lesson plans, jot down exam dates, and so on.

#2. Online Monthly Planner

A 30-day view of tasks can come in handy, so you can track and space out deadlines involving academic planning, finishing projects, etc. Add tasks and events throughout the month – it helps to accomplish them in a timely fashion.

Benefits of Using Weekly & Monthly Online Planners

  • Students
  1. A planner calendar online helps students to be more organized and communicate better with each other, especially if they are part of group projects. They can keep track of assignments and set personal goals.
  2. Students don’t have to be confused and frazzled to keep up and plan for their many classes, assignments, test dates, and so on. This is an easy and creative method of taking note of their commitments and deadlines. It gives them a systematic approach to recording the necessary information on a regular basis.
  3. Moreover, when they write down to-do lists and goals, they are able to keep tabs on achievements and work harder. 
  • Team workers
  1. When it comes to a calendar planner online, it helps team workers understand who is responsible for what task, and the deadlines allocated.
  2. Project managers can add or edit tasks accordingly as well.
  3. Each team member on a particular project can also make changes, update work progress, and reschedule if required. Team planners also come with intuitive guidance and analysis tools that can be used to predict and resolve scheduling conflicts based on the tasks and assigned resources.
  4. Communicating project milestones and resource schedules can be very time-consuming, especially if the team is not present at one location. With a calendar online planner (free), details can be updated in real-time, which are reflected right away. No more lengthy and confusing conference calls or group emails!

How to Use an Online Whiteboard to Schedule a Planner Calendar Online

  • MioCreate Introduction

MioCreate is an online whiteboard that can be used as a digital collaboration tool. It is perfect for sharing thoughts and ideas in real time. This platform is all the more convenient for remote teams and distributed workforces, to communicate and collaborate on tasks and projects during meetings. Apart from that, it can be used as a planner for students where it keeps track of their schedule, exam dates, group project collaborations, and so on. It sends alerts so you never have to miss meetings, study sessions, classes, etc. It can be used to brainstorm ideas, facilitate meetings, operate workshops and classes, and much more.


  • How to Schedule a Weekly/Monthly Plan with a Whiteboard Template

Step 1 – Register MioCreate Whiteboard.

Step 2 - Choose a template.

There are several customizable templates, including weekly and monthly planners that can be used to map out schedules for classes and projects, mention deadlines, adjust hours if there are delays, prioritize tasks, and so on. 

Planner Calendar Template Miocreate

Step 3 – Add tasks.

MioCreate makes the planning of activities more efficient and organized. It allows you to simplify your workflow productivity and plan remotely with your team, in a more effective way. Start adding tasks, events, or to-do lists that you have to complete throughout the week or month. You can prioritize tasks as well, which have to be finished before others.

Step 4 - Add visuals.

Company logos and icons, pictures, graphics and more bring some personality and fun to your work. They are also a great way to quickly identify separate projects in your planner. Add some fun visuals to make it more aesthetically appealing – they are a great way to express thoughts and ideas.

Step 5- Share the planner calendar online.

Share the whiteboard planner online with your team or classmates – this is a great shared space that lets you collaborate on tasks, arrange meetings and achieve goals together.

What Content Should You Put in Your Planner Calendar Online? 

  • The Structure of Your Calendar

#1. Time table for school or work

Plan each day in chronological order, or else you will get confused. Create specific goals and write down tasks that you have to complete. Also Read >>> ORG Chart Creator for Companies

#2. Date and accurate point-in-time

Of course, you will jot down times and dates for tasks, but you have to adjust hours accordingly as well. Determining when you have the most energy to accomplish your tasks can also help you decide when to schedule certain tasks. You can't predict exactly how your day will go, so it may be a good idea to include some unstructured time in your calendar.

#3. Participants

Don’t forget to share the planner calendar online with your classmates or team members. They should be able to view what tasks they are responsible for, what assignments have to be completed, and so on.

  • The Content for Your Calendar

#1. A simple to-do list

It is the era of digitization, where you can create to-do lists for your team and classmates on a planner calendar online. MioCreate offers a user-friendly template that can be used to jot down tasks, meetings, events, assignments, tests, etc. for the week or month, and you can tick off after completing them.

#2. Priority tasks

There are always assignments that have to be handed in before others or a meeting that has to take place ASAP. It is a good idea to prioritize certain tasks, so you can get them done first. Then if you have extra time, you can work on other things that are less important. You may also interested in >>> Process flow charting tutorial

#3. Notes or special reminders

There will always be notes to pay special attention to a certain part of a project, or some reminder about particular tasks. You can add comments and notes so you don’t forget about them.

#4. Deadlines

Structuring your schedule by breaking down larger tasks into smaller ones is a great idea, as you know how long it will take to accomplish and the time you have to allow for it. There should be a planning, research, execution, and revision phase, so you can assess how much time is required.


A planner calendar online can be a lifesaver for both students and team members. It helps you stay organized by planning routines and schedules, as you can visualize events, tasks, meetings, appointments, exams, etc. more clearly. Instead of manually having to keep track, an online planner lets you sort out every aspect of your week or month, in an easier and less time-consuming manner. MioCreate helps you lead an organized and clutter-free life, where you don’t have to worry about missing meetings, exams, or classes, or face inconveniences. So what are you waiting for? Download MioCreate and start planning right away!


Table of Contents