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Mastering Whiteboard Online Drawing: Tips and Tricks

Collaborate with ease using whiteboard online drawing. Discover the best tools and techniques in our guide.

Whiteboard online drawing is what you need in today's digital age. You can collaborate with team members and employees all over the world without any need for special tools and gadgets. Visual communication and collaboration allow people to solve problems, share ideas and present their views with the help of interactive visualization. These tools allow the users to conduct interviews, teach students, involve employees in decision making and collaborate on projects.

Mastering Whiteboard Online Drawing

In this blog, you will learn about the most effective whiteboard online drawing tools, along with effective tips and tricks to create engaging and effective presentations and visuals.

Table of Contents
Definition of Whiteboard Online Drawing
Why You Should Use an Online Whiteboard Drawing Tool
How to Use Whiteboard Online Drawing Tools
5 Tips for Effective Whiteboard Online Drawing

Definition of Whiteboard Online Drawing

An online whiteboard to draw on an online platform with the ease of multimedia tools and shapes is called an online whiteboard. Usually, it is a cloud-based application that allows the users to edit and view the content. It is not a traditional whiteboard since it allows the user to communicate via Zoom calls or Google meetings.

Why You Should Use an Online Whiteboard Drawing Tool?

Online drawing whiteboards are getting more popular with every passing minute. Individuals and professionals use whiteboards to draw on online platforms with real-time collaboration and editing.

The following examples will help you understand the wonders whiteboard is making for different fields:

For Work: Programmers, artists and innovators use online whiteboards to get the work done with ease and share the results with as many people as they want.

For School: Teachers all over the world are using online whiteboard for teaching, group projects and even daily classroom lectures for maximum utility, innovation and agility.

For Personal Use: you can use an online whiteboard for meetings, agendas, board meetings, presentations and problem-solving.

Why You Should Use an Online Whiteboard Drawing Tool

A traditional whiteboard cannot allow a person (with no artistic background) to create drawings and shapes. It is limited to the physical space with limited editing members.

Online whiteboard is virtual world people can go as much creative as they want with the help of templates, shapes and multimedia integration.

How to Use Whiteboard Online Drawing Tools?

Whiteboard online drawing tools do not require any specific degree or background knowledge. Reading the instructions will surely help, but if you start right away, there are no limitations. You can use templates, shapes and structures already available to draw and create. If you have a pen and touch screen, it is good, but the keyboard and mouse will also work just fine.

Step1: Choose a Right Online Whiteboard Drawing Tool


The internet is loaded with online whiteboard drawing programs, and choosing the right tool becomes really problematic. Not every online whiteboard drawing tool offers you the features you need. A wrong programswill hamper your creativity, and you will waste time getting undesired results.

MioCreate is a free and collaborative tool that offers advanced and trending features to be the first choice for professionals and individuals alike:

  • Video conferencing

  • Collaborative teamwork

  • Template categories for different users 

  • Multimedia-enabled platform

Try the free trial offer to create engaging presentations, interviews, teamwork collaborations and projects and decide for yourself.

Step2: Set Up Your Online Drawing Workspace

You can find any of the whiteboard online drawing tools available on the internet. Install it on your device, check your internet speed, and organize your folders. The focus should be on the productivity and collaboration of all the members.

Step3: Invite Friends or Team for Online Collaboration

You can use most whiteboard online drawing platforms such as MioCreate and Google Meetings, create folders and a workspace and send invites to the people you want by sharing links through email, Whatsapp, Facebook. You can also use the in-built link generation invite to the people.

Step4: Start Sketching Your Drawing or Collaboration Session

Sketching or drawing on a whiteboard is simple and easy. You can allow everyone to edit or restrict them to view only. Real-time change creation and management is the best feature of an online drawing board. All the members can use the drawing panel, mouse and keyboard to collaborate on the shared whiteboard.

Step5: Save, Export, or Share Your Drawing as Needed

You can draw online whiteboards with collaboration or individually. It allows you to add multimedia and provide access to other members. You can save the final whiteboard sheet in different formats on the whiteboard folder or on your device. Sharing the end result is a piece of cake. Just drag and drop or share the file from the location.

5 Tips for Effective Whiteboard Online Drawing

If you want to effectively use the Draw online whiteboard platform, you must follow these five tips:

1. Plan Your Layout and Content Beforehand

Your first draft must not always be the final presentation. You should start by using templates, colours and contrasts to make it engaging. Choose the right flow of information and always provide information in logical order. Look at the final whiteboard from the eye of the audience and make necessary changes beforehand.

2. Utilize Templates and Design Elements for Consistency

Starting gin from scratch is not a good approach as it will consume ample time, and the end result might not be professional and attractive. Almost all the online whiteboard tools come with templates and saved shapes. But MioCreate offers you more than you can bargain. It gives you templates and shapes for different categories like professionals, teachers, designers and students. Choose as you go and create the impact you want.


3. Use Color and Contrast to Make Your Content Pop

Black and white drawings and flowcharts are boring, and no one wants to have them anymore. The online whiteboard allows you the power to create magic with charts, shapes and colours. You can create colourful, contrasting and engaging presentations to make your content engaging and appealing.

4. Keep Your Drawings Simple and Easy to Understand

The purpose of the online whiteboard is to provide visual information to the audience. You can use a built-in audio-sharing option or some other tool to share your audio with the audience. Remove unnecessary details, text and charts from the presentation and use simple images with a clear and elaborate flow with the help of colours and numbers. Always avoid confusion and complexity and stick to the easy approach.

5. Engage with Your Audience in Real Time

People use whiteboard online drawing for collaboration and engagement. If your audience is not engaged on the online drawing whiteboard, it means you are not communicating your message clearly. You must use chart boxes, flow charts and multimedia to keep your work engaging and interactive.


Whiteboard online drawing platforms are more popular than the other meeting methods. The online drawing whiteboard allows all the participants to interact and edit in real-time and add more value to the meeting. You can use these tools to conduct interviews, meet and present your ideas or sale pitch.

MioCreate offers updated templates, video chat features, team collaboration, problem-solving, a time-bounded whiteboard and many more features. The templates and flow charts save you time in coming up with the most engaging content to inspire your audience with the least amount of effort.

Table of Contents